Podcast Episode 66: 7 Ways to Grow Your Etsy Shop in 2023

etsy podcast Jan 19, 2023
7 Ways to Grow Your Etsy Shop in 2023


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Hey guys! Welcome back to the How to Sell Your Stuff on Etsy podcast! I hope the start of 2023 has been excellent for you! How are you doing? What’s new with you?? We’re doing well over here! Baby Hunter JUST turned 3 months old so we have said bye-bye to colic and hello to more sleep—and it’s just gotten a bit easier—thank goodness.

I’m inching closer to coming back from maternity leave and really thinking carefully about what that will look like--- and I wanted to ask for your feedback! SO if you are listening to this episode in the month of January 2023--- I created a one question survey for you at It’s just going to ask you what service would be the MOST helpful for you that I should prioritize early this year:

1) Etsy shop reviews where I look over your shop and send you personalized feedback

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3) One on One zoom coaching.

If you are thinking about working with me more one on one like that--- please just pop over to and let me know what will help. It will just take 3 seconds. 😊 And that will give me really helpful insight into what you guys need first!

Quick 1 question survey: Which service would be most helpful to you?

Thank you guys so so much for helping me out with that!

SO! I’m excited to share this episode and get your wheels turning about how you can really grow your Etsy shop this year—because this is the best time of the year to start really digging into and developing your shop.

For most folks-- sales are a little slower, but many of the new trends have made themselves known. And we can all take some time to update our shops, develop some new products and get ourselves well situated for the coming year.

I will say—when my 6 figure shop was open, (and for those who don’t know—it’s been on vacation mode since Nov of 2021 because we were trying for baby #2 and the chemicals in the paint and stain I worked with wouldn’t be safe for me or baby) but I was in the home décor niche—and January was actually kind of a busy month for us.


People were taking down their holiday decorations and wanting to refresh their spaces—so we kept pretty busy. I just add that because calling anything a “slow season” on Etsy is really a misnomer. It just totally depends on your niche. Lots of shops report being slow in the summer--- but sell the right graduation/summertime/pool party/out of school kinds of products and summer can end up being your busy season.


But either way—the beginning of the year always feels like a good time to review, assess, plan, grow--- and do a bit of a refresh. So that’s what I want to help you do with this episode.


Today we’re going to talk about 7 different ways that you can grow your shop in 2023. So let’s dive on in, shall we?

1)  Do an in-depth shop review

Ok—so before you do anything else, I want you to get a really good handle on where you are. Take a close look at your stats and see how many visits you’re getting to your shop.

What products are visited the most?

Sell the most?

Where does the traffic come from?

What keywords appear to be sending you the most shoppers?


Review all of those details—because a) it’s going to help you understand some of what’s working and what isn’t and b) it’s likely going to give you ideas of more listings to create or keywords to tweak.


Next it’s time to research your niche to see what the top players are doing because they will most likely drive the trends (or at least know about them first)! Find the bestselling listings and the shops with the most sales.


This should give you ideas for some of the new listings to create in the next several weeks and months. What inspiration can you take from their shops and make your own?


I’m not talking about copying here—that’s illegal and just poor integrity. Instead you want to use their high performing products as clues or guideposts for what you can create with your own style, colors, brand, etc. But really give you a peek into what works well and what shoppers are drawn to.


Think of it like this--- lots of companies sell moisturizer. But they all have their own features, scent, texture, ingredients, effectiveness, and packaging. Some are high end, others are middle or low end. They all do a great job of offering the same type of product—but they find their own way—or their unique selling proposition-- to take a product that is in demand and make it their own.


Pay particular attention to how your competitors set up their shop because they’ve figured out what works! What does their welcome announcement say? What does the main storefront look like? How have they set up their listings? Do they offer variations on their products? How does their pricing compare to yours? Is their shipping free or an extra charge? What’s the turn-around time? How do all these things compare to yours?


I would study their titles for SEO hints, find out what they put in their FAQs, do they do anything really smart in their description that might help them win the sale?


After you do this for quite a while—I’d look at as many shops and listings as you can—definitely a few hours worth—now it’s time to go back and experience your own shop as a contrast.


Go to your storefront as if you were a shopper and review your shop as a whole— how does it look when a visitor comes to look at it? What can you improve to make the experience better?


Do the header and profile graphics look attractive and reflect your brand?


Are you featuring your most popular listings at the top of your page and/or in the featured listings?


Go through and deactivate any listings that are for other seasons or that no longer perform for you.


What can you do to clean up your shop sections to make it easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for?


I would recommend making sure your about section is up to date—I honestly can’t believe how often this section isn’t completed in a new shop. Honestly guys—before you have lots of sales and reviews—your about section is pretty much the only way you can build trust with a shopper. But if they connect with your story, feel like you’re a real, relatable person whose business they’d like to support—they are more likely to take a chance on you!


The next thing to do is to work on your listings themselves. You’re going to take all of that research you did from the competition and it will guide you on the best improvements you can make.


Focus first on your top sellers (or if you don’t have any yet, start with the ones that you have the best feeling about). Go through those listings with a fine-toothed comb.


Look at your SEO, your pics, your descriptions, your tags, and your pricing. What can be tweaked or updated or improved?


If you want help with this and you want to see exactly how I do all of this—how I set up my listings so they sell and how I study the competition to figure out what my SEO should be, my flagship course: “Listings that Sell” shows you every detail.


I literally recorded myself navigating through Etsy and writing out the keywords for 5 different types of products—so it doesn’t matter what you sell—the course will show you how to figure out your SEO and set up your listings.


You can get access to it right now at a discounted rate by going to which I will link for you in the shownotes. 


Now—one more thing because it’s so so so important. If you are using words or phrases or images on your products that have the potential to be trademarked by someone else--- this would include but not be limited to things like a cartoon character, a tv show reference, something like the Nike Swoosh, a phrase like “happy camper”— you need to at a minimum, do a review on to make sure you’re in the clear. If someone else owns the trademark and you profit from it—you can get into some very expensive trouble.


Even if you already did a trademark search when you created the item—it’s a good idea to periodically go back and recheck so you keep yourself out of legal trouble. New things are being trademarked every day and the status can change.


None of this should be interpreted as legal advice—it’s just for educational purposes, guys. I do have a little tutorial that I’ll link for you in the shownotes to show you how you can search stuff to see if it’s trademarked on


That was pretty long winded—but I think it’s super important to do this kind of intensive self review at least once per year. And the research portion and the improvements you make as a result of it can completely change the game for you. That is literally what took me from making a few hundred dollars per month in sales to several thousand. I’m so excited for what could happen for you when you do this!


So let’s move on to our second way to grow your Etsy shop this year.


2) Pay attention to trends

Once you understand the current climate of your niche and where you stand in it--- it’s time to start developing your growth strategy moving forward.


So as you complete your research of the competitors and freshen up your own listings and storefront, you should build a list of ideas—because if you’re doing that research right—you’ll be coming up with A LOT of them! And it will be super helpful to have them when you sit down to create new and improved products.


In addition to that, the next items to add to that list should be related to what Etsy says is trending.


For you newer shops—grabbing onto trends is one of the ways you can get a faster start on Etsy! The shops that have the quickest success are either riding a trend, or run by someone who already has a strong following or digital marketing experience. But the point is--- some people will shoot to the top of the algorithm even though they’re brand new just because of the trends they’re working with.

Here are a few ways to find out what’s trending---

If you’re listening to this in the first half of 2023—then you should check out my first episode of this year (the one right before this one) where I go over the biggest trends expected for 2023 and how I recommend that you use them.

I’ll have that episode linked in the shownotes for you!

2023 Etsy Trends episode shownotes:

2023 Etsy Trends on Apple:

2023 Etsy Trends on YouTube:

Any time after that--- you can always check what’s trending real time on Etsy by going to

OR you can get more niche specific and find out what’s popular by searching through the main product headings at the top of Etsy’s homepage. They always highlight their biggest niches and you can see the strongest general listings within them by scrolling through those pages. 

Typically--- for holidays or date specific trends—like if you’re creating products for graduation or Christmas or fall—you want to have those created and listed at least 3 months in advance. It’s even better if you’re more ahead than that and list them 4-5 months early. It helps Etsy’s algorithm establish your listings and rank them.

BUT—if you’re late to the party, don’t let that deter you. Because while it’s better to list early, your listings do have a higher ranking than normal the first few days they’re live— (in other words, Etsy gives new listings a boost) so you can also get an edge by listing them immediately before or during a trend. You just better make sure you NAIL your product, keywords, AND pictures because all the competition will already be there and have some momentum behind them.


So see what trends you can embrace in your shop for this year and it will help you improve your results and accomplish your goals.


3) Grow an email list

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ve probably heard me say at least once that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in the Etsy basket.


Here’s what I mean by that----

We love Etsy—I am a diehard Etsy fan. It provides an incredible marketplace, brings in lots of shoppers for us, pays sales tax for us (at least in the US), it takes care of all the tech for us. For someone brand new to business—it’s by far the easiest way to get started.  

But-- nothing is perfect, right? And one of the downsides or risks is that Etsy owns their platform and the shoppers are technically Etsy’s customers. So if something crazy happens and after building up our Etsy shop and establishing a business and income that our household depends on—we get shut down—that can be a completely devastating thing to have happen.

Now while it’s hard no matter how you slice it, these things are LESS HARD when you’ve gotten many of your customers on an email list and created a relationship with them outside of Etsy. Then they’ll have some loyalty to you and you can keep in touch with them if you have to move your shop elsewhere.

So because of all of this, I always recommend that people who are brand new to running their own business should start with an Etsy shop but also build an email list. And long term, if you want to really grow—get your own site too.

BUT this episode is all about growing your shop this year—and having an email list helps for a lot more than just a form of insurance if you get shut down.

Your customers have crazy busy lives-- just like you--- and most of them won’t remember your shop unless you remind them about it. This is why you want to focus on your email list this year. As you build your list, you should let them know when you’re running a sale, adding a new product, or have special choices for different holidays. It’s a lot easier to get a previous customer who already had a great experience with you come back again than it is to sell to a brand new shopper—so leverage that tool.

If you want to hear more about how I recommend you grow an email list, check out podcast episode #32 called “Why you need to build an email list from your Etsy shop” and I’ll give you some really good insight.


Next up…

4) Add or Level Up on Social Media Marketing

One major way you can take control of your results on Etsy is through a social media campaign. Rather than depending on people searching on Etsy and finding you in a sea of competition, running your own social media allows you to build a relationship and trust with followers before they’re ready to buy--- so that once they are—they choose to buy from you.

This allows you to drive traffic to your store and your listings for yourself. Now I admit—this is no small feat. Learning how to do social media well and gaining a following takes time and intentional development of skills—but it’s still something YOU can do to take charge of your business.

AND bonus--- building these followings creates a huge asset for your business—because YOU get to decide where you want to drive the traffic. And if Etsy shuts you down, or makes a change you don’t like, or you simply decide you want to create your own website—your captive audience can very easily and seamlessly be directed there.

So here’s what I recommend—obviously different Etsy store owners have success on all the different platforms--- but for someone new to the game—I recommend you start with Pinterest and/or TikTok.

Facebook can also be great—especially if your perfect shopper is over the age of 35—and especially if you can create a Facebook group around a particular craft or interest. If you’re curious about Facebook, I’d recommend you learn from my friend Julie Oxendine of Julie’s Wreath Boutique. She has killed the game building her wreath business on Facebook. And now she also teaches social media for creatives—she would be my go-to.

She was on Podcast Episode #33 and gave us a TONNNN of free tips that would be a great place to start: “How an Etsy Wreath Maker Used Social Media to Build a 6 Figure Business Selling Tutorials”: 

And if you’re curious about her monthly membership for learning social media, you can find that link in the shownotes:


As far as Instagram—I think it’s good to be on there just because it tends to be where people will look you up first. But it’s soooo hard to get a foothold there if you’re starting from zero, I wouldn’t waste much energy on a strategy. I’d suggest you use it in tandem with TikTok and recycle your Tiktoks into reels. Stories are also a key place to focus.

Next—since I recommend Pinterest and TikTok the most—let’s spend some time on them.



I know that video might feel really daunting to many of you—but it is one of TOP, BEST, most powerful ways that you can get success FAST and I think that makes it worth it to overcome the fears. It also builds so much relationship and the reality is that people today want to see videos of both you and your product. (And depending on what you sell—you might not have to show your face very often!)

So here’s what I want you to do first--- I want you to follow 10 accounts that sell what you sell. They need to be accounts with at least 10k followers and when you look at their profile, their videos need to be getting at least 1,000 views on average. Hopefully you can find some that are doing wayyy better than that—but it’s a good starting point.

Then I want you to study the heck out of them.

-How long are their videos?

-What topics do they cover?

-How do they approach selling the product?

-What captions do they put at the beginning?

-How do they start their video or what is their hook? (because the first 3 seconds determines if people will stay and watch)

-How often do they post?

-Which videos/topics perform the best? (most views, likes, shares, comments, etc)

-Pay attention to their backgrounds, angles, other props, people, all the details. What makes it special or jump out at people?

-What music or sounds do they use? (also you can save them to your library to use yourself! Just youtube it if you can’t figure out how.)


(OH and a little pro tip here—it can also help to look at accounts in your niche that aren’t doing well. See if you can diagnose why their videos aren’t working! It can really help you with your own approach!)

Doing this should give you so much insight and soooo many ideas about what to try. I’d make a list of TikTok ideas. In fact—something I do when I’m planning a TikTok push is I require myself to come up with one new topic idea per day and I add it to a list in a notebook—then when I need to create a new TikTok, I’ve got a ton of ideas waiting for me and I don’t have to come up with anything on the spot.

So maybe research for a week or so. Just be a fly on the wall. Spend a couple of hours total studying how the top players on TikTok in your niche make videos that perform well. Make your list of ideas you want to try. Then I want you to start by making yourself post one TikTok per day every day for 30 days. (and keep in mind you can repurpose those videos for reels on Instagram and Facebook, or you can use them on Pinterest and as shorts on YouTube. It’s crazy versatile and valuable content!)

In that amount of time at the very least, you’ll get wayyyy better at making short videos, you’ll get rid of most if not all of your fear, you will have created a habit of creating the content—and you just might gain a ton of views and followers. Which is what happened for me and tonssss of other people.

I’m just sayin’ guys--- if you want fast success— your best bet is TikTok.



We’ve covered Pinterest a couple of times on dedicated podcasts—so I’ll just touch on it here and link those episodes for you.

But Pinterest is so great since every pin you create will link to your shop, a shop section, or an individual listing—and that’s powerful. Pinterest is SO visual. People are on there either for ideas or to literally shop. It’s not like Facebook or Instagram where people are there just to check in with friends or pass the time and maybe you can interest them in a product. People visit Pinterest with intention.

So get some great photography going for your products—you need that anyway. And build a pinning strategy where you’re on there with new pins a few days a week. (You can schedule them too which helps)

I have 2 solid podcast episodes that go into a TON more detail on how to use Pinterest—and I’ll link those in the shownotes for you if you want to dig in to more.


Episode #26: “Harness the Power of Pinterest and Drive Free Traffic to Your Etsy Shop”:


Episode #8: “How to use Pinterest to sell on Etsy”:


I can also recommend a Pinterest course that I took a few years ago that was excellent. It’s by a blogger named Sophia Lee and she’s really good about keeping it updated as the platform changes. I personally think it’s reasonably priced considering so many other courses out there.

She wrote it for bloggers but that won’t make any difference for you. Just anywhere she refers to a blog post, you will use your Etsy listing link. It’s such a great course and it will give you a ton of new ideas for promoting your shop and listings. You can find that also linked in the shownotes:


But the bottom line—Pinterest is a captive audience and if someone is using search terms to find your product, odds are they’re looking to buy. It’s a huge opportunity for your Etsy shop to boost sales for honestly—not a ton of work. It’s good ROI. Lol! So worth your time to learn more for sure!


Next up—number 5—let’s talk about:


5) Influencer Marketing

Ok so this is a fun one! Influencer Marketing can help you sell a ton of product even if you’re not getting a bunches of views on Etsy OR have a big following. 

It’s basically where you work with someone—an influencer—who already has a following of people who listen to them and trust them—and they share about your product with their audience.

Back in December of 2020 I got REALLY excited about the possibilities with this when I heard this awesome gal named Alison J Prince share about it on Jenna Kutcher’s podcast. (Which many of you guys know is my top top top favorite business podcast.)

I just LOVED the possibilities—because again—you can have quicker success than it takes to build your own following or establish yourself in an algorithm. I personally bought Alison’s course myself—the 0-100k course—and it was FANTASTIC. I definitely recommend it if you’re not sure.

So a whole different approach for your Etsy shop this year could be to try influencer marketing.

Here are a few tips:

-Work with a smaller influencer—say 10k-50k followers (not a huge one). Just make sure from their existing content you can see that they regularly sell stuff and their followers are engaged about it.

-Sometimes an influencer will work with you in exchange for a free product, but typically you do have to pay them for the promotion. Some influencer are good with earning a commission and others want a commission/up front payment combo.

But it can be well worth it. Just, again, make sure it’s clear they know how to sell and do it regularly. Many influencers will have a media kit or sponsor info on their website so you can see their rates.

-Make sure the terms of your agreement are super clear. You both need to know 100% exactly what to expect from one another.


And if you’re curious about this—I’d suggest you start by listening to the same podcast that I did! It really got my wheels turning and there were plenty of links to other resources from Alison that will be there for you. I’ll have that linked under influencer marketing in the shownotes for you.


Moving on to number 6!


6) Develop Your Skills

If there is nothing else I have learned from my own entrepreneurial journey—what I know for sure is that you HAVE to keep working on yourself and develop your skills. Even the most successful people have a practice of daily personal growth.

I personally commit each year to each of the suggestions I’m going to give you—I do allll of them. Might I say, with gusto. Lollll 😊

So this year, develop a consistent effort to keep learning.

-Listen to Podcasts (and let me know if it would be helpful if I did a podcast or a tiktok or blog post about my favorites)

-Take Courses: This can be to improve or expand your skills to make your product better, or on a marketing topic, on some other facet of business you want to strengthen—or for your personal life too. I’ve learned that everything flows together—we really don’t compartmentalize as humans—so if I get better at parenting, it spills over and strengthens me as a business owner too.

Last year for instance, I took a copywriting course, a parenting course, a spiritual growth course, and a breastfeeding course—and there were probably more that I’m just not remembering at the moment.

This year I’ve already purchased Heather’s POD course so I can learn more about that niche. And I guarantee you there will be more. Lolllll! I’ve already got my eyes on some marketing courses for social media and email.

-Get Coaching—whether it’s for business, Etsy, your personal life, your parenting, or all of the above. Last year I participated in an intensive entrepreneurial mastermind for the first 6 months. I also worked with a spiritual coach.

This year I plan to get some branding coaching and hopefully more—I’m just waiting for the dust to settle with our new baby before I make other commitments.


The point is-- Just never stop growing and your business won’t either! There’s a direct correlation between developing your skills and the success you can achieve—and if nothing else—it will help keep you motivated and inspired!


7) Develop Yourself

This is a little different from Developing Your Skills. This is about developing You as a person. Working out your kinks, disarming your triggers, growing in what you can handle…. Your business will only grow as big as your capacity. Therefore we all have to work on our capacity.

Whether it’s time management, boundaries, relationships, confronting fears, reducing anxiety—this is another form of personal growth that is very different from developing your skills. This develops your character.

A lot of times, we’re not entirely aware of our issues or weaknesses. Or—for instance—I’ve noticed that I often mislabel an issue. Like—I’ll be thinking I have an issue with being overextended, but it’s actually an issue with boundaries. It changes the game when you can accurately label what you’re dealing with. And it can help SO MUCH to have someone we trust—or an expert—help us to uncover them.

Sometimes these skills can be developed through a course—it can definitely get your wheels turning. Journaling can also be an excellent tool.

But it often helps to get coaching or therapy in these areas too. That’s my approach when I’m stuck. Even though it’s challenging, I know I’ll make progress so much faster if I allow someone else who knows what they’re doing into my process.

This year I’m working with my therapist on strengthening my boundaries, reducing anxiety, and learning how to channel my energy more healthily.

So give it some thought. Where can you focus on developing YOU that would help remove roadblocks and increase your capacity?


So there you have it my friends. Let me do a little recap for us. There are 7 ways you can grow your Etsy shop in 2023:

            -Do an in depth shop review

            -Pay attention to trends

            -Grow an email list

            -Add or level up on social media

            -Incorporate influencer marketing

            -Develop your skills

            -Develop yourself


Start with one or two and make a plan for how you’re going to implement it. And I can’t wait to hear how it goes.


Y’all don’t forget to take less than a minute and answer my survey about

What service would be most helpful survey:


I hope today’s episode has left you excited and inspired! I can’t wait to see what you do next! Until next time—go make something awesome.




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2023 Etsy Trends episode shownotes:


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Links for #3) Grown an email list:


Podcast episode #32 called “Why you need to build an email list from your Etsy shop”:


Links for #4) Add or level up on Social Media

Facebook Resources: I recommend Julie’s Wreath Boutique

Podcast Episode #33: 


Julie’s monthly membership for social media coaching for creatives:


Episode #26: “Harness the Power of Pinterest and Drive Free Traffic to Your Etsy Shop”:


Episode #8: “How to use Pinterest to sell on Etsy”:

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