Affiliate Disclosure

If you’ve popped up on this page, chances are you’re curious about what affiliate links are!  :)

Well first let me begin by saying that being an affiliate means that I work with a a few carefully selected companies (such as Restoring Relationships, Amazon and GoDaddy, etc), to advertise on my blog. I am given a tracking link by those companies and when a potential buyer clicks through on that link and makes a purchase, my family and I receive a small percentage of the profit from that sale.

No Extra Cost to You

I definitely want you to know that if you click through my link, no extra cost will be added to your final price just because I get a small commission. In fact, in many cases, you’ll probably get a discount for clicking through my link. It’s one of the mutual benefits of the relationships I’ve built with these companies!

Your Choice

Choosing to click through my link to purchase a product is completely up to you. Always feel free to order stuff I recommend using other methods if you’d prefer it!

I definitely want you to know– I only recommend products and services that I LOVE and would encourage my Grandma, Best Friend, and Pastor to use, too! You can feel confident that if I’m suggesting it, it’s because I’m a fan myself.

Now if you have any other questions about affiliate links or how to become an affiliate, let me know. I’ll be glad to answer! Contact us! 

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