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šŸ„°Shop review services are currently unavailable as I work on revamping the Listings that Sell course. You can still book a 1 on 1 zoom with me, though! šŸ„°


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My Etsy Course

Join hundreds of other students and learn the exact Etsy strategyĀ that has helped me build a full-time shop and earn hundreds of thousands of dollarsĀ on the platform.
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Etsy SEO Workshop

Learn why SEO research is so important and discover the exact SEO research strategy I used to build a multiple 6-figure Etsy shop. 
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One-on-one Zoom Coaching

Let's meet up on zoom for 1 hour and you can ask me anything! I'll gladly review your shop, teach you the next skill you need to hone, or answer your list of top Etsy questions.

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