How I went from a traditional career path to building a full-time Etsy shop at home with my kids.

-Lizzie Smiley

Hey there! I’m Lizzie Smiley

I’m a South Texas, work-from-home Mama, blogger, podcaster, and full-time Etsy shop owner who can’t wait to give you a leg up into your own handmade business dreams.

I can’t remember a time in my young adult life when I wasn’t wishing I could live life on my own terms, create my own schedule, and feel both fulfilled and challenged--- while still making great money at whatever level I wanted to scale it. That was my definition of freedom.  


From my days working at Old Navy through college, to my entry level mortgage processor job at USAA--- I knew there had to be more. Just like you--- I had lots of creative ideas and just didn’t know how to implement them.

My first adventures into entrepreneurship began with a few years in network marketing—which taught me a lot about personal development—and I quickly began learning all I could about business, mindset, and marketing. I experimented with social media marketing and quickly got the knack for creating content that drew interest and motivated customers. I spent the next several years managing the social media of many clients (including a movie production company, non-profit organizations, multiple authors, private practices, and so many more), and consulting with tons of companies and individuals to teach them how to run their own social media effectively.  It was intense, fast-paced, creative, and fun work!

But when I found out I was pregnant with my first child, my entrepreneurial grind in social media consulting and management was just not going to fit anymore. The idea of conducting focused conference calls or brainstorming sessions with a little one at my feet was not attractive or practical. So I began to think about how I could pivot what I’d learned in social media to a much more flexible business model I could run from home, at any time of day, with any noise in the background…. And from that my Etsy shop was born.

My Etsy Shop

With our baby on the way, I posted pics of some (verryyyyy rustic) reclaimed wood signs we had made for the nursery. We’d always been a DIY family and this was just a natural project for us to take on. And it was great content to show my blog followers. 😊

What I didn’t expect was the response to our seriously amateur signs! So many people asked how we made our signs and if we would sell them-- we just knew we were on to something. That year didn’t have to be super profitable—but what the heck?! We might as well give it a try, learn as we go, and start a sign shop.

What happened since has been the ride of our life! We sold more signs than we ever dreamed we would that first holiday season and since then we’ve sold thousands of pieces creating a full-time profitable shop that grows every time we figure out how to crank out more signs at a faster pace. We’ve expanded, hired help, bought machinery and tools to help us streamline the process, and created such a beautiful life for our family.

Now it’s your turn

Now is exactly where you come in! We’re several years into our full-time Etsy shop and I’m convinced there’s more room at the table just for you. The year+ of Covid-19 brought more interest in selling (and buying!) on Etsy than ever before, and I’ve noticed a real need for coaches. All of these new, and future, shop owners really need someone to show them the ropes--- and the teacher in me that I discovered during my social media consulting days just LOVES to help people embrace what they’re great at and figure out what skills they need to develop to grow a successful business just like I did.

I just KNOW you can do this—and I’d love to help. Feel free to look around. I have a blog with a bunch of resources, a free download called “4 Strategies I used to Grow my Etsy shop from $25 to $6000+/month”, a podcast, and a few paid courses you are welcome to check out. You can even follow me on TikTok.

I can’t wait to see you around the site—or feel free to drop me a DM on Instagram! I’d love to connect with you! 

You are SO VERY Welcome here!


Lizzie 😊

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