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Favorite Everyday Etsy Tools
Print on Demand (POD)
How to Sell Printables + SVGs
How to Sell Digital Templates
Social Media Marketing
Legal + Taxes
My Fave Shipping Stuff
My Favorite Business Books
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Tools for Etsy I Use Everyday 

These are some of my absolute faves that I recommend all the time.

My Secret Weapon for SEO on Etsy

Sale Samurai is a monthly membership tool that I HIGHLY recommend that you get for your Etsy shop. It will help you pick products, figure out the most competitive keywords, and (totally ethically) spy on your competition. 

Click here to see a little video tour of how I use Sale Samurai and get access to my link and discount code which will give you 20% off for life. :) 

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How to Find Best-Selling Products for Etsy Using Everbee

Everbee is an INCREDIBLE tool to help you research your niche and top competition on Etsy. Use it to discover best selling products, identify top keywords, and find out how profitable certain listings are. 

Click here to see a little video tour of how I use Everbee and get access to my link and a free membership!  

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THE PLACE to get your Fonts + Graphics

Creative Fabrica is one of the best kept secrets of POD and digital product designers. It has over 6 million fonts and designs that you can use commercially to create gorgeous, original works to sell in your Etsy shop. (Say *bye-bye* to the over-used Canva elements that are literally everywhere!)

Get your first month (or 10 downloads) FREE (Y'all-- that's a special perk they gave me just for you!) and then pay $9/month for total access to everything you need to create best-selling designs. 

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The Easiest (+ most dynamic) Design Tool You'll Ever Use

Kittl is an online design platform where you can create graphics, digital products, POD products-- and so much more. 

I fell in love with this platform because it had easy-to-use features I couldn't find in Canva or PicMonkey.

Their YouTube channel has tons of tutorials to show you how to create all kinds of next level designs.

AND they offer a totally free version-- so give it a test drive and see what you think! 

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Print on Demand (POD) 

These are the TOP Print on Demand Resources from Experts I have vetted. 

FREE TRAINING: "How to Earn Your First 10K With Etsy & Print on Demand"


My friend Heather is a top 1% Etsy seller and a multiple 6 figure income earner for POD and Etsy. She is one of the most knowledgeable and effective Print on Demand trainers in the Etsy space and I highly recommend all of her resources.

In this FREE 90 minute training, you will learn:

βœ… Top 3 myths that keep new Etsy & print on demand sellers stuck at 0 sales
βœ… What it takes to rank in the Etsy Algorithm
βœ… How to turn visitors into paying customers
β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹βœ… The 5 frameworks to earn your first 10K with Etsy & print on demand

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Heather's Flagship Course: PRINT ON DEMAND Academy 2.0


If you are really serious about your Etsy shop and want to learn how to build a 5-6 figure business-- this is the course I recommend. It's detailed and robust-- and will help you achieve your goals.

Print on Demand Academy 2.0 is a great fit for someone who is ready to invest in their POD education and wants BIG results.

Create your own 5 to 6 figure Etsy + POD store. Learn how to get organic traffic, convert visitors into customers, & scale from a sale a day to hundreds a month. 

Learn more and read student testimonials here:


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Etsy POD Level 1  course with @JennyfromtheShopp (TikTok)


If you're brand new to Etsy and Print on Demand-- and you're looking for someone to hold your hand through the steps to set up your shop correctly, THIS is the course for you!

This is also a wonderful fit for anyone who wants to learn the basics of Print on Demand, but has a tight budget when it comes to investing in their POD education.

My friend Jenny was a teacher until burn out completely took over. While searching for a way to change her career, she stumbled upon Etsy Print on Demand. With her Etsy shop she was able to completely replace her teaching income and move with her family to Greece! 

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Learn How to Design for Etsy Print on Demand

One of THE MOST important skills you must develop to become successful with Print on Demand Etsy is design! 

And good news-- even if you're not naturally gifted and don't have graphic design experience, you can absolutely develop the skills to create profitable POD designs.

In this course, best-selling designer and full-time Etsy earner, @JennyfromtheShopp (TikTok), is taking you step by step through everything you need to know to create aesthetically pleasing designs that will catch your customer's eye.

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100% Recommend Printify for your Print on Demand Company

Printify is the company I use and I'm thrilled with them. @JennyfromtheShopp and @HeatherStudio also use and recommend Printify! 

They have hundreds of products in their catalog that you can design for and sell-- AND they have some of the most competitive pricing in the industry without compromising on quality. 

You can use my code LIZZIESMILEY to get one month free of Printify Premium which will save you up to 20% on their products. 

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This is the Credit Card I recommend for your Print on Demand shop. 

When a customer orders one of your POD products, Printify will bill you for the production of the item via your card on file to fulfill the order.

I like to use this card for on my Printify account so orders aren't affecting regular cashflow and to keep all expenses in one place. 

This particular card has phenomenal rewards like points you can use towards air fare and other hard goods. It's been an excellent business tool.

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Passive Income on Etsy Resources

If you're specifically interested in Passive Income on Etsy-- here are the resources and courses that I recommend. 

Selling Printables + SVGs on Etsy:


What you'll learn:

What should I sell to make money? What are some good ideas?


What do I need to start an Etsy shop? How much does it cost?


What will help make sure my Etsy shop is a success and not a flop?

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This is the course I recommend if you want to learn how to make PASSIVE INCOME selling Printables on Etsy. 
Julie and Cody will teach you everything you need to know to be successful in this niche. I did lots of research and this is the BEST Etsy course for Printables I have found. 
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Curious about selling printables on Etsy but don't know where to start? Gold City Ventures' ebook will give you our secret list of best-selling products by month and teach you how to capitalize on seasonal trends to make sales. It's a game changer and you can download it now, for a limited time, absolutely free!

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βͺ’ The secrets to making SVGs that people want to buy 

βͺ’ 3 DEADLY mistakes everybody makes when designing SVGs to sell and why they are costing you money πŸ’°

βͺ’ My 4-step framework for creating 5-figure SVG business empire

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Social Media Marketing Resources

Social Media allows you to take back so much control over the performance of your business. You can use your voice and personality to help drive tonssss of traffic to your Etsy Shop or website and sell even more of your products.

But first-- you have to learn how. And if you've tried already, you've probably learned that the strategies that work aren't necessarily obvious.

These are my very favorite, vetted resources to help you learn and master these skills!


Julie's Biz Boutique (monthly)

If you want to build a strong social media presence to help (exponentially) grow your business, then this is for you.

If social media overwhelms you and you want to learn "what's working now" and how to grow your following-- you need Julie's Biz Boutique.

If you want to hear Julie's remarkable 6-figure success on Etsy by growing her own social media presence, check out this podcast episode

For the monthly membership-- visit here:

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Julie's Biz Boutique (annual)

If you want to build a strong social media presence to help (exponentially) grow your business, then this is for you.

If social media overwhelms you and you want to learn "what's working now" and how to grow your following-- you need Julie's Biz Boutique.

If you want to hear Julie's remarkable 6-figure success on Etsy by growing her own social media presence, check out this podcast episode

For the annual membership (save $$$)-- visit:

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Perfecting Pinterest 

This is my #1 TOP favorite Pinterest Course. Nobody teaches this better than Sophia Lee! It's super affordable and she's always making updates to keep it current.

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How to Use Pinterest to Sell on Etsy

Did you know that Pinterest is one of the most powerful tools you can use to sell your products on Etsy? I'm giving you some great pointers in my podcast episode #8.

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Harness the Power of Pinterest & Drive Free Traffic to Your Etsy Shop

Check out this interview with Pinterest expert, Tabby White, in podcast episode #26.

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The Simple Pin Podcast

This entire podcast is dedicated to Pinterest. It's hosted by the lovely Kate Ahl who is a wealth of knowledge.

Check It Out


I absolutely LOVE Tailwind for automating all my Pinterest Pins. It's easy, fast, and has a "Create" tool that will help you so much if graphic design is not your strength. If Pinterest is a key part of your strategy, Tailwind is worth a try.

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Canva is hands down the best web or app based tool to create your pins and other graphics. I use it daily for my business-- it has SO many functionalities. There's a free version and a paid version for when you want access to more features.

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Legal + Taxes

Paige Hulse Law

Attorney Paige Hulse is 100% the lawyer you should work with for anything creative or Etsy related. Not only was she an Etsy seller herself-- but this is her legal specialty!

Whether you need to trademark something, structure your business, ask legal questions, or (God forbid) navigate a legal problem-- Paige is the person you need.  

(Tell her I sent you! She'll take amazing care of you!)

Visit Paige Hulse Law

Paige's Creative Law Shop

If you need a legal document such as Terms and Conditions for a website, a Contract (for almost anything!), LLC agreement, Privacy Policy, Confidentiality agreement, Intellectual Property-- honestly just go peek because there's something for every situation πŸ˜†-- the Creative Law Shop has you covered!

Paige has created a massive library of pre-written legal templates that you can purchase and customize right from the Creative Law website. 

Use code smiley10 for 10% off!  

Check It Out

Mareish Books (Taxes)

Sara Verheyen of Marish Books is the gal you need for all things taxes and accounting as a creative business owner.

If you need to hire an accountant for your creative business, her company can help with that!

If you just need some DIY tools, I highly recommend her Small Biz Starter Kit which will hook you up with a Profit and Loss Spreadsheet, Mileage Log, and Tax Deadline Calendar. 

Learn more at the link below and use code LIZZIE30 for 30% off

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My Favorite Shipping Tools

Shipping Label Printer

This sweet thing will save you sooooo much time, hassle, and printer ink!

Order on Amazon

Shipping Labels 

Works with the label printer. Your shipping life will be easier, I promise!

Order on Amazon

Scale for Packages 

This is the best scale I've found for weighing my packages. Recommend!

Order on Amazon

Fragile Stickers

(Must be Italian!) This roll has a ton of stickers on it-- super practical! We use 2 per package.

Order on Amazon

Packing Tape

Get this instead the 3M stuff! It works just as well and will save you $$$.

Order on Amazon

FREE USPS Supplies

You can get priority boxes and rolls of USPS stickers for free by ordering on their website. I did this for my first year to save money.

Order on

My Favorite Business Books

Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

This book taught me so much about the attitude I needed to hone as an entrepreneur to find success. The audiobook is AMAZING. 

Order on Amazon

Fear Is Not The Boss Of You by Jennifer Allwood 

Jennifer is extra special because she works specifically with creative business owners! If you struggle with any kind of fear--- what people might think, imposter syndrome, the what-ifs of putting your stuff out there in the world... then this is the book for you! 

Order on Amazon

Finish by Jon Acuff 

A must read if you sometimes start things and don't finish. Jon will help you wade through the trappings of perfectionism and find a way forward to you can achieve your goals.

Order on Amazon

At Your Best by Carey Nieuwhof

This one was huge for me. It's the most practical take on time-management I've heard yet and broke it down into terms that were so simple. I really learned how to manage not just my time, but also my energy -- so much better!

Order on Amazon

The One Thing by Gary Keller

This is the book for busy people. If you have too much on your plate and need to hone in on your next steps-- or simplify your life/business--- you will absolutely LOVE this! 

Order on Amazon

Soundtracks by Jon Acuff

Another phenomenal read/listen by Acuff. Do you overthink or struggle with all kinds of thoughts that don't serve you? This will give you practical strategies to overcome those negative soundtracks and get your thoughts working for you instead of against you. 

Order on Amazon


Inspirational Success Story Books

The Magnolia Story by Chip & Joanna Gaines

These types of success story books are my favorites! (And this might be my favorite of the favorites!) It helps so much to hear the back story of how someone's business came to be. These always help to inspire me on the harder days of entrepreneurship. 

Order on Amazon

Life is Good (the Book) by John & Bert Jacobs

This is an older book-- but I've never forgotten the impression it made on me! So inspiring. I walking away encouraged, excited, touched, and with sooo many ideas!

Order on Amazon

Believe It by Jamie Kern Lima

Another phenomenal book! You won't believe how much Jamie had to overcome to get where she is today! You will be emboldened and inspired by her class, tenacity, and guts!

Order on Amazon

Just A Couple More Must-Reads 

Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller

This book really helped me work on my messaging and the way I approached marketing and selling my products. If you're trying to build a BRAND and not just sell-- this is a great read!

Order on Amazon

Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger

I've always been so curious about why certain trends or ideas absolutely catch fire and others never make it past Tuesday. It's so clear that it's not really about the quality of the idea, rather about the delivery mechanism. This book broke it down so well. I will be revisiting it again and again! 

Order on Amazon

How can you build a digital course website like mine??


I used the KAJABI platform! It makes selling digital courses and building a website so stinkin' easy, you guys! It's the most high quality (and FASTEST loading) site I've ever built and it does everything I want it to. I've recommended it to my closest friends.

If you're considering selling digital courses-- this is the way to go. I did allll the research and KAJABI came out on top every time.Β 

So many of the big names use this platform: Amy Porterfield, Jenna Kutcher, Allison J Prince, Jennifer Allwood, Ashlyn Writes... and so many more.

Check it out! I'm sure you'll be impressed!Β Β 

Use my link to get a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL ✨ (literally enough time to build your site, launch, and more than pay for your membership) and absolutely hit me up if you have any questions. I'm obsessed with Kajabi!

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