Podcast Episode 33: How an Etsy Wreath Maker Used Social Media to Build a 6 Figure Business Selling Tutorials—with Julie Oxendine

etsy podcast Mar 23, 2022
How an Etsy Wreath Maker Used Social Media to Build a 6 Figure Business Selling Tutorials—with Julie Oxendine

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1. Tell us a bit of your story! What’s your background? How did you get started in wreath making and on Etsy? 3:25


2. How and when did you transition from selling wreaths on Etsy to selling tutorials? 13:53


3. How do you create the value for people to buy tutorials from you when there are so many free resources available on YouTube and all across social media? 16:57


4. I feel like your super power is marketing, Julie! WOW! I mean, Etsy does a lot for us, but you have totally taken matters into your own hands and your social media presence is extremely impressive. Can you please tell us a bit about how to create a marketing plan? How can we actively drive traffic to our own Etsy shops? 24:40


5. I’d love for you to spend some time on how you use Facebook specifically. Talk to us about your Facebook audience and how the platform continues to be so valuable for you! 32:55


6. OK so let’s switch gears and talk about TikTok because you’ve had wild success there, too! You just had a massive viral video a few weeks ago, right? We’d love to hear about that! 37:47


7. What kind of content have you learned works best on TikTok? I see so many sellers just putting up a simple video of their product and it doesn’t gain any traction. What do you think is the difference between content that will go viral versus videos that fall flat? 46:17


8. I just love how you’ve harnessed social media to grow your business, Julie. It is so inspiring and so smart! I think once someone gets started on Etsy—this is the next best skill to learn (along with building an email list) because it’s how we can protect our business and help it grow long term. Are there any other social media marketing crumbs you’d like to drop for us to help us see the bigger picture of how it can work together? 48:50


9. If someone is brand new to Etsy—only just getting started-- this might feel like A LOT. If they were going to focus on just one thing we touched on today—what would you tell them to do first? 51:48


10. I think there are two really important skills you have mastered--- the first is how to attract a following on social media (which is no easy feat these days--- this takes skill!) and the second is how to influence those followers to actually buy from you! I think we could all benefit from learning how you do this! You have a seriously amazing service you’re launching to help creative people and Etsy sellers specifically build their social media marketing platforms! Will you please tell us about it and how we can plug into it? 55:42


11. What’s the best place for our listeners to find you and connect? 1:01:30



Today I’m joined by Julie Oxendine, the creator of Julie’s Wreath Boutique. She has a six figure business selling wreath-making tutorials which she grew primarily from her masterful social media strategies that have attracted over 900,000 followers across 5 platforms. Tune in to hear her story from selling wreaths one-off on Facebook marketplace to the successful Etsy shop and website that pay her handsomely today.

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