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Whether you're brand new to Etsy or you've been at it for a while now, here's the truth:


Success on Etsy comes down to mastering 3 skills:


1) Crafting a product that people are currently searching for and buying


2) Taking gorgeous product pictures that stand out in the search results 


3) Figuring out the exact words your perfect customer uses to search for your product (and strategically placing them in all the right places within your Etsy listings)


But, like thousands of other fledgling Etsy sellers, you may not know where to start--- or you may feel like you're spinning your wheels chasing down an ACTUAL strategy between all the conflicting YouTube videos, TikToks, and free courses.  

And, your time is far too valuable to keep wasting.


This is precisely why I created the Etsy Listings that Sell Course.

So you can get immediate access to the exact Etsy strategy that has helped me build a full-time shop from nothing, earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for the past 6 years... and still works TODAY. 

By The End Of This Course, You'll Have Mastered: 

Etsy Research

Y'all! This is my actual secret weapon for Etsy Success! Learn how to figure out what's trending, what product to make next, which photos sell products, and what keywords you need to use. 

Basic Photography

Learn how to take amazing photos with just your smartphone! (Seriously, it's all you need.) I'll show you my favorite tricks, apps, tools, and most commonly seen mistakes.

Listing Set-Up Secrets

Learn how to set up your listings so they sell. I'll teach you how to write the best possible product titles, tags, and descriptions to make your products sound their best.

Get Your Listings Seen

Learn how to market your Etsy products! If you want to make more sales and get shop exposure off of Etsy, this segment will be packed with ideas and strategies for you.

And most importantly...

The Etsy Listings That Sell course will give you the skills, strategy, and confidence to know how to KEEP your Etsy shop profitable and growing in the future.

These aren't one time tips, but business SKILLS that will help you expand your Etsy shop and know how to build other businesses, too.

Psst--- the secret is all in the way I teach you how to do your research. Once you've got that, the world is your oyster, my friend!

Etsy Listings That Sell is OPEN for enrollment!

I'm going to hold your hand and teach you the skill set you need for success on Etsy in 2022! Learn how to figure out what products are selling well, how to get your product photos to compete in the search results, and how to nail down the keywords that will help your perfect customers find you-- and click ADD TO CART. 

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PART 1: Introduction video

We'll set the stage for the mindset that has helped me be successful and what we will go over throughout the course.


PART 2: Research Segment (SEO)

Research is your secret weapon for creating Listings that Sell on Etsy. I'm showing you why it's important, exactly how I do it, and how to implement what you find.


This includes a deep dive section of videos that will show you exactly what I would research if I were opening one of the following shops: Printables, Tshirts, Jewelry, Doormats, or Gifts for Him. You can take this system and use it for absolutely any product you want to sell.


PART 3: Photography 

I'm showing you how you can get amazing photos with just your smart phone--- no high end camera needed. Learn all my tips, tricks, favorite apps, and other tools for creating beautiful product photos that stand out in the feed. 


PART 4: Titles, Descriptions & Tags 

Getting discovered in Etsy search comes down to using the right words in these fields of your listings. Here I'm showing you exactly how to maximize your exposure by setting these sections up correctly.


PART 5: How to Get Your Listings Seen

In this video we're talking about marketing. I'll talk you through all other ways you can get your listings seen and sold.

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