Podcast Episode 26: Harness the Power of Pinterest and Drive Free Traffic to Your Etsy Shop with Simple Pin Media

etsy podcast Feb 09, 2022
Harness the Power of Pinterest for Etsy with Simple Pin Media

1. Tell us a bit of your story! What does Simple Pin media do and what is your role in the mix?   5:13

2. Can you give us a bit of a lesson on how Pinterest works for businesses today? What should we expect from the platform in 2022?   10:45

3. What is the best way for an Etsy seller to use Pinterest?   13:15

4. Can you give us some coaching about the best Pinterest boards for Etsy sellers to create?   17:40

5. How might someone who sells vintage items use Pinterest? It feels like it would be so different since they typically just have one of each product.   23:05

6. Can you please give us a lesson about using Pinterest for product and market research?   29:00

7. For my people who are brand new—what are 2-3 steps they could take today just to get the ball rolling on Pinterest? 35:00

8. Tell us all about how Simple Pin Media can help Etsy shop owners! What service do you guys offer and where can they get started with more goodness from y’all? 37:00

9. Where is the best place for our listeners to find Kate and Simple Pin to on social and keep up with you guys?  39:30



The most powerful marketing tool that Etsy sellers have “off-Etsy” is Pinterest! Over the past two years the platform has changed into an ecommerce goldmine and Etsy sellers are poised to majorly benefit. Listen in to my convo with expert Tabby White from the Pinterest Marketing Company, Simple Pin Media, as she gives us powerful tips and strategies to start getting our Etsy shops massive on exposure starting today.

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