Podcast Episode 74: Secrets to Creating a Passive Income Stream selling e-Printables – with Gold City Ventures

etsy podcast Apr 27, 2023
Secrets to Creating a Passive Income Stream selling e-Printables

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Cody Berman is a digital nomad who quit his corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. He started selling digital products in 2018 and became hooked after earning $700+ in one week. He also hosts The Financial Independence Show. In his spare time you might find him traveling, working out, or building another business.

-Cody loves selling seasonal products

- Earns over 6-figures in passive income

- Quit corporate America in 2019 

- Reached financial independence by age 25



Are you curious about creative a passive income stream on Etsy by selling digital products? Today I am joined by Cody Berman of Gold City Ventures who is an expert in selling digital products on Etsy. We’re tackling topics like: the rapid growth of digital product demand, digital product ideas besides wall art, what to do if you don’t have design skills, SEO research tips, and more. Join us to learn how you can get started selling printables on Etsy.

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