Podcast Episode 35: Create a Passive Income Selling Printables on Etsy—with Gold City Ventures

etsy podcast Apr 06, 2022
Create a Passive Income Selling Printables on Etsy

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Julie Berninger is a toddler Mom and 7-figure entrepreneur who sells on Etsy, blogs, and podcasts. Her company Gold City Ventures helps people start Etsy digital download businesses from scratch. It's the perfect side hustle for busy people and Julie made over $10,000 last year selling printables in her Etsy shop despite moving 3,000 miles cross-country (yay passive income!) Julie and her husband paid off 100k of debt and aggressively saved towards early retirement in their 30s. She also is a huge proponent of women achieving financial independence.

1.  Let’s start with your background and your story! I love how it’s completely different from any other story we’ve heard so far on the podcast. We want to hear it all---- all the way up to how you got started with selling Printables on Etsy?   4:20


2.  Since we have listeners at all different backgrounds—can you please explain to us real quick—what is a printable? How is made and how does the Etsy customer receive this kind of product? 13:15


3.  There are couple of concerns I hear all the time about printables--- the first one is--- people think the market is too saturated, (meaning, they think there are far too many sellers in this industry already making it hard to compete if you’re new to it). What has your experience been with this? Is it true? Can a newbie still make it? 18:36


4.  How do you think Etsy as a platform feels about the Printable category? They really started out as a handmade marketplace and now we’re seeing a ton of digital products on the scene. Is Etsy all about it or do you think they’d prefer to see more of the handmade items again?    21:32


5.  The second main concern I hear most often is--- what can people do it they don’t have any design skills or experience? Is it something they can learn and still do well? Or do you really need formal training to do it well and sell stuff on Etsy? 24:37


6.  I think some people come to Etsy for a side-hustle and really have high hopes of making bunches of money. Can you give us a realistic sense of what a printable seller can earn and how many listings they’d probably need in their shop to earn it?    30:45


7.  How do you generate ideas for what printables to make? It seems like the world is your oyster—there are thousands of possibilities. But I think that can feel super overwhelming for a lot of people. What do you recommend as a strategy for deciding what to create? 34:40


8.  If someone is brand new to the printables concept but super interested—I imagine this whole conversation might feel like a lot! LOL! Where could they start? What are 1-3 steps they could take to start exploring it more? 38:59


9.  Where is the best place for people to find you online and follow along with your genuinely inspiring financial and Etsy journey??  41:38



Are you curious about selling Printables on Etsy and creating a passive income stream? Today I am joined by Julie Berninger of Gold City Ventures who is an expert in Printables. We’re tackling topics like: Is the printable market too saturated? What if you don’t have any design skills? How much money can you actually make doing this? And so much more!

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