Podcast Episode 39: How Data Mining on Etsy Can Help You Reach Your Business Goals

etsy podcast May 05, 2022
How Data Mining the Etsy Platform Can Help You Reach Your Business Goals Faster

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Help me welcome Cody McGuffie to the podcast:


* Founder of - the best product research tool for Etsy sellers. 
* He's an Ecommerce seller that has sold well over a million dollars worth of sales through various platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, & Etsy. 

* He escaped the corporate "rat race" using E Commerce and he's on a mission to help others do the same. 

* He's a proud husband and father to 2 little ones. 


 1) Tell us your story! What is your professional background?? How did you become interested in the Etsy platform?


2) Your work gives you a really amazing insight into basically everything my listeners and I want to know! Hahaha! Tell us about the different types of Etsy sellers you talk to and what that’s like?


3) Are there any patterns you’ve noticed with the really successful shops? What would you say is their secret sauce?


4) For the shops that perpetually struggle—what have you noticed are some of the common mistakes?


5) Based on your research, what are 2-3 tips or strategies that you would suggest for our listeners who are just getting started on Etsy or maybe struggling to make sales?


6) Your big project right now is Everbee--- a really powerful tool that integrates into Etsy and helps sellers mine a ton of data that we can’t find without a tool like this! I am SO excited about it—because I always use Sale Samurai and I still do—but your tool offers some different data that I always wished I could get! (So now I’m using Sale Samurai and Everbee together.) Tell us all about it! How did you dream it up? What does it do? What’s your vision for it?


7) OK guys—I’m going to link Everbee for you in the shownotes—the basic membership is completely and totally free. I’ll also link my video tutorial for you guys so you can see exactly how I use it and how it works.


8) Cody, where can listeners find you and connect?



This week on the podcast I’m joined by Cody McGuffie, the founder of Everbee. Cody is sharing the secrets of success he’s learned by talking to hundreds of Etsy sellers ranging from new shops with 0 sales to insanely successful shops making hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. We’ll chat about the patterns he’s noticed among successful shops and common pitfalls that keep sellers stuck. Listen in to learn how data can give you a massive edge in finding success on Etsy. *Everbee is a powerful product research tool for Etsy sellers.


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