Podcast Episode 70: Print on Demand Insights, Inspo and Tips you won’t want to miss—with Printify

etsy podcast Mar 16, 2023
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About Leah: 
Before eCommerce, Leah worked as a teacher, most recently as an English teacher. She joined the Printify team about 2 years ago and started out in the training sector supporting agents about the Printify service and platform.

Now she works as a video presenter and writer, researching, writing, and teaching about anything and everything POD related. Currently Leah is collaborating with some top POD and Etsy sellers to help more people find success with eCommerce

About Talish: 

Talish has a professional background in radio, tv, theatre & comedy. He got his start in eCommerce with Printify and now works as a video presenter and writer.

Talish spends his time researching and talking about everything related to the eCommerce industry. He will soon be hosting a new Podcast series with Printify.



Today I am joined by Leah and Talish from Printify headquarters to discuss how much more there is to Print on Demand than tshirts, tips for building a successful POD business, current trends and market insights, and so much more. Join us if you’re in the print on demand space or considering it for a future business project.

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