Discover the exact SEO research strategy Lizzie used to build a multiple 6-figure Etsy shop.



Ok so you’ve heard me say it again and again—your SEO or search engine optimization is CRITICAL to your success on Etsy.

I mean-- if shoppers can’t find your products, they certainly won’t be buying them. So the key is-- to figure out exactly what people are typing into that Etsy search bar when they want to shop for products just like yours.

But how? I get emails and DMs and social media comments on the regular from you guys—and so many of you are looking for help with this. SEO is a major pain point.

You want to know how on earth you can get into your customer’s minds, find the keywords that will make your products best-sellers, AND strategically place them in your listings to make sure they are fully optimized.

I heard you and now I’ve got you friends! I put together a resource to help you understand and master the important skill of SEO.


What you'll get:

  • Detailed lesson showing the importance of SEO
  • SEO strategy that will help you improve your current listings and create profitable listings moving forward
  • 5 in-depth niche research lessons that will show you how to find best-selling SEO for any niche on Etsy
  • Insights on how to optimize all aspects of your listings and your Etsy storefront
  • Additional resources including third party SEO tool tutorials 

What you'll learn here will teach you how to research ALL niches! <woohoo!>

(So don't worry if yours isn't on this list! This is still 100% for you!)  

*If you already have my flagship course "Listings that Sell"-- you already have this content within your lessons.

No need to purchase this one!

Etsy SEO Workshop


Let's do this!

Still not 100% sure?

Jump in risk free! I'm a fan of good old fashioned customer service and I guarantee everything I put my name on. If you aren't getting the results you want or feel like my methodology isn't working for you, just contact me within 30 days of purchase and I'll take care of you.



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