Podcast Episode 60: Answering your Etsy FAQs

etsy podcast Oct 12, 2022
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Question from Serena:

I love your podcast and listen to every episode. I’m looking at starting my own POD Etsy shop and wanted to know your opinion on pricing. I dont know whether I should try to get top dollar for my products or price them where I would make a smaller profit, but possibly sell more because of the lower cost. I’m trying to make a passive income. Also, what is your opinion on charging shipping verses free shipping. Thanks!! 


Question from David:

How can we succeed on Etsy selling digital products like Shopify Themes, digital stickers, and icons?


Podcast Episode 22 with Anastasia’s Templates:



Questions from Lauren:

  1. How long does it take for a new listing to be recognized or gain traction in the Etsy algorithm?


  1. Should new listings be added strategically or is it okay to add more than one new listing in the same day?


  1. Do you think paying for Etsy ads is worth it? What about paying for Google ads?


  1. If your SEO, photos, tags and descriptions are all good but you’re still not getting any sales, is it time to change direction, give up or just cry? 😉

Sale Samurai:




Question from Sarah:

Start an Etsy listing start to finish. How do you research your SEO, how do you pick the best title?


Question from Faith:

How long does it take to make decent money?


Question from Kate:

What numbers you think are ideal in terms of search volume/competition for a new shop researching keywords.


Question for Betsy:

SEO? Maybe price or designs? I have a little over 100 listings and sales came from friends. (In the nurse and teacher apparel niche)


Question from Colby:

If you live in Canada, should you use a USA supplier or Canadian?


Question from McKenna:

When you’re selling short, informative digital pamphlets, how can you protect your work?


Podcast Episode 36 with Attorney Paige Hulse:

(She’s also coming back on the podcast for our next episode in 2 weeks)


Question from TikToker:

How do you figure out why you aren’t getting any sales or being seen?


Question from Deenie:

My shop is mostly tshirts. What would you say the ratio is of designs based off bestsellers and designs off your own creativity?


Question from Bridget:

How much time should I be spending a week on my Etsy shop? Full time teacher and 2 time mom. So tired.


Question from Jaimie:

How do creators have great pictures with their design on different color shirts (for example) without having to make the shirt?

Podcast Episode 25 with @JennyfromtheShoppe



This week we are digging into all of the FAQ questions you've sent me over the past couple of months. We will be talking about tons of different topics from SEO, to Etsy Ads, to protecting your work, how long it takes to make money-- and so much more! 

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