Podcast Episode 36: How to Keep Yourself Out of Legal Trouble in Your Etsy Shop-- with Attorney Paige Hulse

etsy podcast Apr 13, 2022
How to Keep Yourself Out of Legal Trouble in Your Etsy Shop

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About Attorney Paige Hulse:

After working as a business litigator by day, and running a calligraphy side hustle on the weekends, Paige left the corporate world in 2017 to form her law firm, Paige Hulse Law, serving creative entrepreneurs worldwide. Soon after forming her firm, she founded the Creative Law Shop®, melding together her contract law expertise with her firsthand experience as a creative entrepreneur. Currently, the Creative Law Shop® boasts more than 80 contracts she has drafted for herself and her clients, assisting creative entrepreneurs run legally sound businesses worldwide (without the expense of an hourly rate). Today, Paige practices trademark law through her law firm, while also running her nonprofit for deployed Green Beret soldiers (the Special Forces Support Fund). A lifelong equestrian, she and her husband are building a premier boarding stable in Tulsa, Oklahoma, soon to be known as Fairway Stables.


 1. Tell us a bit of your story! What’s your background? How did you end up practicing this kind of law?  7:23 


2. One of the major questions I often receive from my listeners is whether or not they need to set up a formal business to start an Etsy shop. I always tell them that Etsy just needs their social security number in the US, but their state or county may require something different for tax purposes. 

From your perspective, is there a smarter way to be doing this? Most of us are super intimidated by the really formal business stuff, which is sort of the appeal of Etsy. Hahaha! But what do we really need to know?   15:38


3. What do Etsy sellers need to know about Etsy's Terms and Conditions? We obviously don't have time to go line by line-- but are there some really important pieces that we need to be aware of? 34:14


4. Tell us all about your services! You’ve got some awesome tools to help us creative entrepreneurs protect our businesses and save a ton of money and stress! 38:37


5. What’s the best place for our listeners to find you and connect? 40:43



Is your Etsy business set up properly to protect you from legal troubles down the road? This week on the podcast I’m delighted to have Attorney Paige Hulse join us to teach some basics about how we can protect our assets and families from legal exposures as we explore entrepreneurship. Paige specializes in law for creative entrepreneurs and is generously answering common legal questions so you can operate your business with peace of mind.

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