Podcast Episode 40: Etsy Success Story: How A Jewelry Maker Made Over $100k from Just ONE of Her Many Listings

etsy podcast May 12, 2022
How A Jewelry Maker Made Over $100k from Just ONE of Her Many Listings

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Help me welcome Debbie Schaefer to the podcast:

Debbie owns and operates two Denny’s Restaurants while also running a full time Etsy shop called WillowRoadCA. She’s been an Etsy seller since 2015 and her products were featured in 2021 and in this May of 2022.

Debbie’s first year on Etsy she had 50 orders and earned $850 in sales, and last year she had almost 1,600 orders earning her over $74k in sales. This year she’s on track to clear her first 6 figures. She’s had numerous best-sellers on Etsy, one of which has maintained a best seller badge for three years, and her number one best seller has earned her over $100k!



  • Tell us a bit about your story! What is your background personally and professionally?
  • How did you get started making jewelry and how did you decide to start an Etsy shop?
  • Your best seller has made you over $100k which is PHENOMENAL! Can you tell us what that’s been like? And how did you come up with such a successful product?
  • Another part of your story that really struck me was how you handled the photography for your products! We all know that it is completely critical to have amazing pictures --- but you took this to a whole new level and literally hired a photographer AND a model! (across the country no less) Can you please tell us about that experience? What made you decide to do it? How did you find them and select them? All those goodies!
  • OK--- so my average interview with a full time Etsy seller isn’t usually also running an entire franchise! How have you balanced running the Denny’s location PLUS your Etsy shop?
  • The other part of this that I just love about you Debbie—is that you are this busy, powerhouse businesswoman—and yet you still choose to hand-make your jewelry rather than move to a POD model. Can you please talk to us about that decision??
  • I personally think customer service is So UNDER-rated. For my shop, it’s been one of the most crucial pillars of success! Can you please share some tips on how new sellers can truly build their business on great customer service?
  • What about the holidays? Do you have any systems or tips you can share with us on how you manage the craziness of the holidays for both of your businesses??
  • What general success tips do you have for a new seller or someone in the jewelry space on Etsy??



Debbie Schaefer of WillowRoadCA joins us this week to share her amazing story of building a full time Etsy shop while also owning and operating two Denny’s Restaurants. She shares how she feels passionate about staying true to Etsy’s handmade roots, how she’s earned over $100k from just one of her listings, and how she juggles her life as a franchise owner and six figure Etsy maker.

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