Podcast Episode 94: New Etsy Seller Success When You Commit to a Niche-- with Jenn Atkins

etsy podcast Sep 14, 2023
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About Jenn Atkins:

  •  Professional Background: A seasoned UX product designer, passionate about crafting impactful products for customers, making their lives easier and bringing them joy while using technology.


  • Multi-Sector Experience: With a versatile background spanning various industries, Jenn has amassed a wealth of experience in crafting user-centered design solutions for sectors ranging from e-commerce to health tech.


  • Community Engagement: Jenn has played an active role in the UX and product community, conducting design thinking workshops and sharing insights to inspire other UX and product professionals.


  • Transformational Choice:  In April of 2022, Jenn made the pivotal decision to step away from her role as a head product designer at a health tech startup. This shift allowed her to prioritize what matters most to her: her family and being present for her children's milestones and everyday moments.


  • Creative Outlet to Business: Driven by her need for a creative outlet and keeping her product development skills fresh, she launched an Etsy shop in the summer of 2022. Over the course of a year, what she considered a side hobby has grown into a small business where she has true flexibility while earning additional income for her family.


  • Etsy Store Niche and Personal Connection: Drawing inspiration from cherished camping memories with her family, Jenn has curated a collection that not only showcases her design skills but also captures the warmth of shared moments from their camping adventures.


  • Balanced Blend:  Throughout this transformative journey, Jenn has discovered the harmonious blend of personal passions and professional expertise. This balance has guided her to a current work life that's not only fulfilling but also genuinely balanced.



New Etsy sellers struggle every day wondering why they’re not making sales faster. More often than not—their niche is too broad. They’re trying to do too many things and compete in enormous oceans of competition. My guest today, Jenn Atkins, is sharing her early found success on Etsy by niching down and committing to the camping niche where there were opportunities to break out.

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