Possible coaching topics:

  • How to get more sales
  • Troubleshooting: why is something not selling?
  • How to optimize your shop
  • Shop review: what's working well, what could be improved, tweaks to make a better first impression
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Additional products to sell
  • Photography recommendations
  • Evaluating your shop against your competitors
  • How to use tools like Sale Samurai and Everbee to improve shop performance
  • How to select a product to sell
  • What niches are performing bests in the current season
  • How to market your products off Etsy with tools like email and social media
  • How to showcase your product on places like TikTok, Pinterest, or Instagram
  • How to start building an email list
  • Is Etsy right for you?
  • How to scale your business to your own website
  • And so much more!
  • My coaching is SUPER flexible! You just pay by the hour and we can talk about any entrepreneurial or Etsy or marketing related topics that you would like to learn more about or get some insight into. 



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Right out of college, I began a career in Corporate America-- planning to follow the traditional path of working my way up the corporate ladder and paying into my 401k. The problem was, I was only a few years in and already so burned out, so miserable, and I couldn't imagine 40 years of spending so much of my life this way.

And what the heck was going to happen once my husband and I started a family? I was going to see my co-workers more than my children?? Or sacrifice half of our household's income?

Nothing about this model of work worked for me. Something inside me was so desperate for more and was sure it was out there. I had to find a better path.

It became very clear to me early on that I was an entrepreneur at heart and needed to pave my own path. And ever since I started, I've tried to take as many other people with me as possible. I've been coaching other entrepreneurs for over 10 years in developing any skill they were interested in that I had already studied and mastered. 

Since 2009, I've run several different types of businesses from ecommerce, to being a social media manager, blogging, coaching, running an Etsy shop, and now primarily my podcast, courses and Etsy coaching. I've also worked with and coached a hundreds of different people with different entrepreneurial paths.

If you have questions, please reach out on social media @HowtoSellYourStuff or shoot me an email at: [email protected] 

I'd be glad to answer any questions!

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Meet your Coach: Lizzie Smiley

I am a wife, work at home Mama, and business owner. Currently, I'm having a blast as a podcaster, digital course creator, and Etsy coach over at

I teach Etsy sellers how to launch, scale, or pivot their shop by providing one-on-one coaching and digital courses where I share the exact strategies that helped me build and maintain a full time Etsy shop for over 6 years.

I'm also the host of the "How to Sell Your Stuff on Etsy" podcast which has ranked as the #8 Marketing Podcast in the United States according to Chartable. Just one year into the podcast, I'm super excited and honored to have more than 100,000 downloads--- and so looking forward to the exciting guests and topics we'll be covering this year!


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