Podcast Episode 53: What’s trending now on Etsy + Important updates to the Etsy platform you need to know

etsy podcast Aug 10, 2022
What’s trending now on Etsy + Important updates

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Hello my friends!!! HAPPY AUGUST!! It feels sooooo good to be back with you and behind the microphone and talking about one of our all time favorite topics--- ETSY. We’re going to have an absolutely amazing fall together.

I have soooo many incredible guests lined up who want to share their stories and their strategies and tips with you. Just buckle your seatbelt because I’m SERIOUSLY invested in and excited about your progress and success and helping you where you need it!

So---- How the heck are you??? How was your summer?? What’s going on with your Etsy shop?

Our summer was wonderful! We enjoy spending the hottest Texas months up at our lake house in far north Wisconsin. It’s lush and green and--- frankly, livable outdoors while it’s a sultry 104 in San Antonio. Lolll and our active outdoorsy family just soaks in the nature, the peacefulness, and cherishes time with my parents and sister.

This summer was a bit different because---- big news--- I AM PREGNANT! Surprise! This also explains why I’ve been soooo much quieter on email and social media the past few months. This is my second pregnancy—I also have a 7 year old daughter—and it’s been significantly easier than the last one, but still FAR from actually being easy. Lol. And I’ve just been being kind to myself and my body and resting a ton.

So this summer, I spent many of my days sitting on our screened in porch, in a recliner with a book or my knitting, and watched the loons who spent a good deal of their day in our little bay on the lake.

I’m an avid loon watcher- like, kind of a nerd about it-- and if that’s a new word for you--- a loon is a type of bird kind of like a duck but MUCH larger. They’re black and white with dark red eyes. And they’re loners except they like to stick with their mate and their—usually-- just one chick trying to keep it alive from bald eagle and coyote attacks. They have a really unique call that to some is super eerie but to me it’s the most calming sound there is. It was a happy summer chillin in the Northwoods and contemplating motherhood in my 40s. LOL

Right now I’m just skipping into 3rd trimester and feeling the best I have in months and months. We’re having a little boy--- which is a HUGE deal—because my husband has 3 daughters and my family is literally my sister and me—and we just have no boys. Like-- I have no idea what to do with a boy so please send your best advice, must have toys, favorite raising boy books—and anything else I will need!! But all jokes aside-- we’re excited because we’re a rough and tumble family and we think he’ll fit in perfectly and turn our world upside down. Hahaha!

And that is the life update. My Etsy shop is still on vacation mode and will be until long after little man arrives. So we’re just back in Texas, back to school, and back behind the mic creating tons of content for you guys!

Today we’re going to talk about important updates and trends for Etsy that are significant in the marketplace for this fall.

I want you, if you haven’t already, to start thinking carefully and planning for the holiday season because it will be here in a blink and it’s most definitely time to start preparing.

But before we get into that ---- one more public service announcement:

I’m planning an episode down the road a bit where I’m going to spend the entire time answering your questions. SO--- if you have questions for me— send them my way and I will catalog them for this recorded event.

You can DM me on Instagram or comment on TikTok—both places, my handle is @HowtoSellYourStuff or you can email me at [email protected] –all of which I’ll link in the shownotes for you guys to have easy access. Send me all your questions and make sure to let me know they’re for the podcast!!! I’ll reply with something quick to say I’ve got it, but I won’t be able to answer them directly!

This is going to be such a great way to get your burning questions answered and also help our little community—because if you have a question, odds are a ton of others have that same question! 😊 Also—I seriously love hearing from y’all!

Now--- we can officially jump into today’s topic! Here’s the game plan:

First, we are going to talk trends. The data that I’m going to share is all coming from Etsy’s own 2022 Holiday Trends article which will be linked in the shownotes--- also there’s a ton more in there than we can’t begin cover today if you’re someone who just loves all the numbers.

And of course in addition to telling you the most important points from their report--- I’ll be giving you lots of ideas and inspiration for what to do with this info in your own shop.

After that, there are a couple of important updates that Etsy rolled out over the past couple of months that I want to make sure you’re aware of, so we’ll chat about those for a few minutes. I think they are really good news for us sellers and I don’t want you to lose any time in using them to your advantage!

Now, don’t be overwhelmed or feel like you need to use all of what we’re covering today! ESPECIALLY as it relates to the trends. Listen for a couple of ideas that jump out at you or excite and inspire you—and just focus on those couple of things.

So to begin here, I want you to make note of some of the Key Dates and Holidays that will affect the marketplace and your shop this year. (Just to be proactive and up front--- I do not at all intend to be non-inclusive here on the holiday front—there are several holidays that I won’t touch on, but they’re available for you in the article. I’m just hitting the highlights here so I don’t totally lose the listeners like me who have a low threshold for hearing numbers and dates, LOL)

So here are the biggies--- we’ve got:

November 24: Thanksgiving (US)

November 25: Black Friday

November 26: Small Business Saturday

November 28: Cyber Monday

November 29: Giving Tuesday

December 18-December 26: Hanukkah

December 24: Christmas Eve  (Saturday)

December 25: Christmas Day  (Sunday)

It’s going to be extra important to note the dates for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year since they both fall over a weekend. This will affect shipping and turn around times in a significant way and you should help your shoppers plan by having this in your shop announcement, possibly your shop banner, and make sure you’re communicating about it as a PSA when you’re DMing about when customers can expect to receive item. The more you communicate up front from a proactive stance and set expectations, the happier your customers will be. And remember happy customers = happy reviews. 😊

Again, for a bunch more dates that can help you majorly niche down, visit the Etsy article I have linked in the shownotes: 2022 Holiday Trends article

A question I hear from you all with some regularity is--- how do we know what’s selling now? How can we be on top of the trends and make sure we’re stocking products people are shopping for?

So one of the ways we can keep our Etsy shops relevant and pay attention to things that are trending and changing, is to use the data that Etsy gives us about the things shoppers are searching for. I’m going to share some of the most relevant trends happening right now with you guys—including some raw data that Etsy published telling us where they’re seeing the greatest increases and surges in the search bar.

This is GOLD, friends, so make note of the ones that are most relevant to the work you do and find creative ways to incorporate them into your products and shop for the remainder of the year. (And side note--- I typically do this twice a year—so in early January I’ll share the trends we’re looking at for 2023!)

Let’s begin by talking about some STYLE TRENDS:

1. There’s a strong leaning towards all things glitz and glam—so think sequins and shimmer, satin and sparkle. Anything that will jazz up a basic look.


If you’re in the fashion or jewelry niche--- if you design anything for celebrations--- and as you’re considering holiday specific listings—keep this trend in mind.


Shoppers are searching for jazzed up items. For example, this year Etsy has seen a 193% YoY increase in searches for the phrase “black satin dress.”


2. We’re also continuing to see a commitment to leisurewear (which I’m not mad about).


Etsy is seeing this played out in searches for special kinds of PJs—like matching family sets for holiday cards, luxe fabrics, and festive designs.


 Catch this--- there has been a 1,112% increase in searches for “preppy pajamas.” (I think we can deduce from this that the 90s craze is not letting up just yet loll)


So--- continue to create products that are cozy, welcoming, comfy—and I think there’s a take-away in the family photo op idea. If you can come up with creative ways to help families do that well, easier, more fun--- there’s an opportunity there outside of just selling pjs.


3. There’s an interest in festive statement pieces--- people are looking forward to gathering both in person and virtually—so if you’re in the jewelry or accessory niche, this could be huge for you.


Think chunky chokers, statement earrings, metallics, layering, baubles—Etsy specifically called out oversized cocktail rings. Again—stuff that will stand out.


There has been a 78% YoY increase in searches for “emerald green necklace.” (Another good clue for all of us there that the emerald green trend that kicked off 2022 is still 100% relevant.)


4. Etsy is seeing a continued interest in vintage pieces—particularly brooches. This is something that’s appealing to environmentally conscious shoppers who love vintage pieces and/or the reworking of older materials into new creative designs.


There is a 78% YoY increase in searches for the phrase “brooch vintage.”


I think there’s also a bigger lesson to capture here that as our world becomes increasingly high tech and modern, there’s a part of us that craves the comfort of the old-fashioned. So be thinking about ways that you can create designs that give shoppers that comfortable feeling that reminds them of days gone by.


 Next up—let’s talk DÉCOR TRENDS:

1. We’re seeing more and more interest in getting back to the lifestyle of entertaining at home and being together in person. The trend is formal gathering, with a cozy and warm feel. And with that is an increased interest in items that help us host well! Think beautiful and useful products that can assist with cooking and serving, small décor items, tablescapes, at home bar setups, and welcoming scents!


Etsy has seen a 29% YoY increase in searches for the term “barware.”


There has also been 108% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “table napkin.”


There’s kind of a sub-theme here that I want you to pick up on. So when you read reports like this, it’s easy to get black and white in our thinking--- and think—well, this doesn’t apply to me because I don’t make barware or products for entertaining. BUT it’s still so important for you to pick up on the nuance of the direction of culture. No matter what you’re creating and selling--- pay attention to the fresh goal of togetherness.


For a few years now, it’s been more about solitude—and that shows through not just in trending products, but also in how we market. So for example, let’s say you sell POD shirts and you’ve had a focus on designs that people would wear at home. Don’t lose that completely—because the trends show we still love leisurewear and coziness—HOWEVER, there’s an opportunity now to begin creating designs that feel more social. For instance rather than a design that says “homebody” – think something like “Caution: I have no filter.” No matter what you sell, this trend will apply to you! Even if it’s in a subtle way—and even if you choose to intentionally go against it, as you may if you’re brand is tailored specifically to introverts.


2. OK Next! Also in décor--- shoppers are loving bright cheerful colors—particularly that are connected to mood-boosting. As previously mentioned, emerald green is a winner, as is magenta.


There is a 158% YoY increase in searches for “emerald green wall art.”


3. There is a continued strong interest in nature themes. People derive comfort from the great outdoors—whether it’s a trip to a natural park, or their own backyards.


Etsy is anticipating that shoppers will incorporate more rustic and natural pieces into their homes—such as décor items that nod to nature, dried flowers, branches, and other flourishes that pull the outside in. There is an expected interest in decorative mushrooms and majestic, woodland creatures such as bears, moose, and deer.


There has been a 56% YoY increase in searches for the phrase “branch chandelier.”


This rustic trend is particularly making an appearance in entertaining and tablescapes. Shoppers looking to entertain are drawn to colors like warm ochres, olive green, rich browns, and a rusty vibe--- all inspired by dirt, moss, and the beautiful color change hues.


We will see the incorporation of greenery, branches, fruit, and wheat—all with the intention of creating a lush, inviting atmosphere that is textured and cozy!


In keeping with these trends, Etsy has seen a 129% increase in searches for the phrase “natural wooden tea candle holder.”


4. Additionally in our entertaining décor, we will see a mix of eclectic and traditional styles. I think this is so fun--- it’s getting us away from the idea that we can only have one theme and allowing us to create a more curate, personalized approach to our décor!


There has been a notable 719% YoY increase in searches for the phrase “eclectic home décor.” That would be a fun one to research on Etsy and see what kinds of wild things are coming up in those search results! Pay attention to shops listing these kinds of items who have lots of sales, best selling listings, and items that are in multiple shopper’s carts.


5. For my paper and party supply sellers--- two trends are really sticking out:


-It’s feeling old school around here with festive motifs appearing on greeting cards, advent calendars, party supplies and more. Shoppers are gravitating towards retro Santas, Christmas chickadees, foxes, snowmen, reindeer and winter foliage.


-We’re also seeing a draw towards DIY projects for holiday décor.


For more ideas in this category—I definitely recommend perusing the holiday guide linked in the shownotes! They did a great job of being ultra specific for you! 2022 Holiday Trends article


In terms of search data--- there has been a 42% YoY increase for “snowflake quilt pattern,” and a 24% increase in searches for the phrase “kit diy.”


And finally—let’s chat a bit about GIFTING TRENDS:


First off—I thought this was super helpful! Here are some popular price points that perform well for gifts:


-Under $30



-over $100


It doesn’t appear to be helpful to put any kind of price phrasing in your product title, just consider these thresholds as you put together your pricing strategy because shoppers intuitively look for their gift budget as they peruse the search results.


1. The first category is goods for the home: small home décor pieces, wall art, ornaments, and candles are go-tos.


As we get closer to the busy hosting months, kitchen and dining products are expected to increase in popularity.


Etsy is particularly expecting specialty pieces like engraved cutting boards, special glassware and ceramic mugs to perform well.


They have seen a 336% YoY increase in searches for the phrase “modern candle” which will be a popular gifting item this year!


2. Gifts that entertain will be a winner this year. Especially items that keep kids busy!


Think puzzles, climbing gyms, coloring sets, play kitchens, crafting sets, and any other hobby specific kits. Bonus points if you create items in these categories that are attractive to display as décor as well.


Etsy has seen a 45% YoY increase in searches for the phrase “board games.”


3. As usual, you can’t go wrong when you niche down. Shoppers will continue searching for items that are specific to a passion or interest. For example, plan on gifts for wine lovers, coffee addicts, techies, etc.


There has been a 43% YoY increase in searches for “soccer dad gift.”


4. You can also win big if you place a focus on personalized items that are made to order or custom. These are actually year-round best-sellers on Etsy--- so your extra effort can really be worth it.


Shoppers love to gift things like personalized art, prints or portraits, leather goods with engraving services, and thoughtful jewelry that can be customized.


This year there has been a 142% YoY increase in searches for “custom photo keychain.”


5. If you create anything in the scented space--- shoppers are looking for imaginative scent vessels.


Beyond just candles, there is an interest in diffusers, solid perfumes, and incense. Bonus points if you can package these items (or candles) in ways that are highly giftable--- like, they don’t have to be wrapped--- OR can be repurposed to reduce waste.


There has been a 34% YoY increase in searches for “home scent.” What fun and unique challenge for all of my candle makers and other scent sellers!


6. Finally, we are seeing a trend in gifts for goal setting.

It sounds like products that motivate, help us organize, energize us for the new year--- items like calendars, planners, and inspirational art will be in higher demand this year.


Etsy has seen a 50% YoY increase in searches for the phrase “goal worksheet.”


Again guys, there is SO MUCH MORE info in the report-- -I’m just scratching the tip of the iceberg here with some of the more prominent numbers and data that’s relevant to many of you that I’ve coached or chatted with. Honestly, some of you could completely blow up your business with some of the more niche searches that are up from last year that I couldn’t cover here. So hopefully this inspires you to get cozy, pour your favorite beverage, and scroll through the report for even more insight!


Next on our agenda, I wanted to share with you a couple of updates that Etsy rolled out over the summer. I think they are simple, but powerful and want to make sure you’re in the loop so you can start leveraging these tools right away!

First off, they have made a new and wonderful update to Etsy Search:

Just to lay the groundwork--- what is Etsy search?? In the most simple terms, Etsy search is that Etsy search bar that we use kinda like Google to find stuff we’re shopping for or researching on Etsy. The user types in words or phrases that describes what they want to find and then Etsy spits out pages of results showing the most relevant product listings—using their algorithm.

Up until recently, your titles, tags, products attributes, and categories were the fields that Etsy searched to determine if your listing should appear in search results. The listing description actually did NOT come into play.

(Side note, before now—OTHER search engines like Google or Yahoo would have also used your listing descriptions to determine if you should show up in THEIR search results, but Etsy didn’t consider it.)

But that’s the BIG change. As of now, the words you use in your listing descriptions WILL play a part in Etsy search.

So what does this mean for you? It means that if you haven’t already, you need to go in and update your listing descriptions to include the top keywords for your listings.

I hear a lot of Etsy coaches say to literally copy and paste your listing title into your description—and I think that can work. However I was intrigued to hear from the Etsy podcast on this (the transcription is linked in the shownotes for you!)  that they don’t recommend it.

Instead they suggest you incorporate your main keywords into the first few sentences of your listings descriptions in a way that gives your brand a voice and a vibe. So for example, if you sell jewelry and one of your top keyword phrases is “boho necklace pendant”--- you might start your listing off by saying something like:


“Are you looking for the perfect boho jewelry piece to finish your look? I handcrafted this boho necklace pendant from brass, copper, and silver to give you that earthy, bohemian statement piece you’ve been hunting for.”


You don’t want to drone on forever—keep it snappy—a couple of sentences that naturally wrangle in those top keywords, then switch to more of a list style in your listing description that will help shoppers quickly and easily find answers to their FAQs.  

If you’d like a more technical explanation of how Etsy Search works and some of the different elements of the algorithm OR additional coaching and examples of ways to craft your Listing Descriptions--- the podcast Etsy published on the topic was definitely helpful and worth the time! It’s linked for you in the shownotes both in podcast and transcript form:


The last topic I’d like to cover with you guys today is the change that has rolled out on something called Etsy Updates! This is a feature that’s been around for a long time but has recently become a lot more useful to us.  

If you’ve been on Etsy for a while, this tool used to be an attempt for Etsy to create its own social media element right on the platform. I played with it for a while, but never really saw much traction for my efforts and quickly got tired of manually creating “posts” that didn’t seem to go to anyone.

Now, you can see the new Etsy Updates right when you login to Etsy from the homepage. In the top right corner, (from right to left) you’ll see your shopping cart, profile icon, shop manager, updates—which looks like a bell, then a quick link to your favorites—the little heart. 

So the updates now work like notifications, which I personally think gives them a MUCH higher likelihood of being seen! Shoppers will get your updates if they favorite your shop or one of your listings—and these updates are known to do a good job of reminding shoppers you exist and bringing them back to your shop.

AND the best part is, you don’t have to do anything extra to send out a notification. Shoppers who have favorited something by you will automatically get one when you make updates to your shop or listings.


Here are some actions that you can take to get those updates in front of people:

-Run a Sale

-Send a Coupon (YAY that even people who unsubscribe from emails can see these now!!!)

-Add new items to your shop

-Restock Items


I think this is a great “update” to Etsy and I think it will absolutely bring buyers and shoppers back. In the past I haven’t had great luck with coupons in particular, but sooooo many shoppers unsubscribe from those emails from Etsy. I think it’s exciting that now more people can know when you’ve sent one and also just be reminded of your shop by little actions we take all the time anyway!

If you’d like some more details on how Etsy Updates works and the notifications you can expect shoppers to receive from you—check out Etsy’s article on this linked for you in the shownotes:

Well friends, that’s the end of our list for today. I hope you’re feeling energized, inspired, informed—and ready to take on this fall in your Etsy shop. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be back with you! This community means so much to me and I’m so very grateful to you for taking this time to hang out with me each week.

Don’t forget to send me your questions for our question and answer episode coming up---- and just generally—let me know how you’re doing, how I can help, and know that your Etsy journey matters to me. I am SO in your corner!

Until next week, go make something awesome!



We are back from summer break and ready to kick off the busiest part of the year with an overview of what’s trending now on Etsy and moving into the holidays. I will also be covering some important updates that Etsy made to the platform recently that can help your Etsy shop become even more competitive in the marketplace.

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