Podcast Episode 34: My Etsy student, Hanna, is sharing her insights into fast success on Etsy, pivoting your shop, & the benefits of hiring a coach

etsy podcast Mar 30, 2022
fast success on Etsy, pivoting your shop, & the benefits of hiring a coach

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 1. Tell us a bit of your story! What’s your background? How did you get started in entrepreneurship? 4:12

2.  How did you learn how to bake? 8:10

3.  Let’s start with your “local” business! I think it’s so amazing how much it’s grown! How did you start that and how did it catch steam? 9:30

4.  What has your journey to success been like? 11:04

5.  What made you expand into Etsy? 12:56

6.  What were your first products in your Etsy shop? 15:57

7.  Let’s talk about the major pivot you made not too long ago. I’d love for you to share how you reassessed your capacity and made adjustments so you could keep loving your work. 20:00

8.  Ok—so you have some seriously KILLER photography. Like—I think it’s jaw-dropping! Where did you learn how to do that?? How do you get your ideas? 30:40

9.  So—now we’ve done a few one-on-one coaching sessions together which were SO fun! What were the biggest take-aways you got from that? 44:14

10.  What are your 3 biggest tips you think would help a brand new Etsy seller or someone who’s thinking about getting started? 51:40



My Etsy coaching client Hanna is sharing her amazing story today of selling a ton of baked goods on Etsy. You’ll hear all about her local business turned national bakery, how she decided to avoid burn out and pivot, and the advantages of hiring a coach to refine your business processes.

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