Podcast Episode 21: The biggest Etsy trends we’ll see in 2022

etsy podcast Jan 06, 2022
The biggest Etsy trends we’ll see in 2022

Hey y’all! Here we are! Literally already thrust into 2022. And are we ready for it or what? It’s so time for a new year and hopefully a whole new season.  I don’t know about you--- but for the most part, I sense a lot of hope in people’s hearts. It really feels like it must be the beginning of better days on the horizon.

So how are you?? How was your holiday season?

It’s such a conflicting time of year, isn’t it? Lots of people hurting during the holidays. Especially this year. Lots of tears, loved ones missed. Loneliness. All kinds of reflection. Much of which is drowned out by sounds of cheer and celebration and family.

I just want you to know that I hold space for you whichever camp you fall into. If you are celebrating--- I celebrate with you. There’s SO much to be thankful for.

And if you are grieving, lonely, afraid--- I see you. You’re not alone. It’s ok to feel all the feelings. They are real and valid.

You know, one of my friends lost both of her parents to covid the past 3 months. It was gut-wrenching. I’m weeping with her. It was a very hard holiday season.

Meanwhile another friend is celebrating the utter miracle of her 3 year old son who had deadly cancer in his bladder that literally vanished from his body. He had no treatment yet—it was over the course of two weeks or so. It just vanished. The doctors declared a literal miracle. And this all followed up with the birth of a miracle baby. I’m just elated and overwhelmed with joy and grateful with her.

Two total extremes. And there’s genuine space for both.

We personally had a quiet and lovely holiday. We kept it simple and it was so so special. I have a close knit family with my parents and sister—and they’ve adopted my husband as their own since his parents passed away many years ago. We love to spend holiday time together and with a few favorite relatives and we’re just extremely grateful. <3

The hubs and I did some serious goal setting and planning for this coming year and we took a quick jaunt to the Texas coast in our RV. Please note that it was in the freakin 80s here in Texas for Christmas. My Chicago roots DO NOT like it—but if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. So we went to the beach. It’s been good.

So let’s go 2022. We’re ready for ya!

I did a bunch of research on the trends we can expect to see on Etsy this coming year --- and as always—the reports that Etsy puts out each December are by far the most helpful. I’ve linked them in the shownotes and we’ll also go over a bunch of what they said today. Because—let’s be honest--- reading them can be a dry business! LOL!

(But truly—if you love numbers and percentages and research--- check them out for yourselves. You will geek out!)

So first of all—let’s spend some time talking about more general trends that are on the horizon for 2022. Because there will certainly be spill over and it will help us to frame the bigger picture of what we might see in the marketplace:


1) Cryptocurrency will become more mainstream

It is expected that more and more people will begin to participate in the crypto economy this year, and NFTs especially will become more mainstream.


Experts are saying that we can even expect to start seeing retailers take cryptocurrency as a form of payment as a mainstream part of buying and selling.

It will be super interesting to see what Etsy does with this! I for one, am looking into how to sell NFTs on Etsy in the future!


If this is all super foreign to you, don’t worry! There’s a wealth of information in both written and video format out there that you can begin studying if it’s of interest. I will link a Forbes article in the shownotes for you to read a simple introduction to cryptocurrency if you need somewhere to begin.


2) Shopping live

Shoppers are loving the experience of “shopping in the stream” by participating in a Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok LIVE where they can buy products real-time.


It creates a bit of excitement, and maybe a little dopamine haha! to be in a friendly competition with others to buy stuff they love from sellers they love to support.


Consider running a live for your Etsy products! This was a particularly effective tool that my podcast guest Julia used to sell her handmade ornaments in November and December.


As a brand new shop, she ran a Facebook live from her FB page. She invited her friends and followers ahead of time and she literally sold 10 products in the first 15 minutes. People LOVE to participate in these, y’all!


If you want to learn more about Julia’s business--- she came on to podcast episode 15 to have a live coaching session with me so y’all could hear what it’s like to work with me one-on-one and ask your questions and have me review your shop and make suggestions. It was an awesome episode and Julia has done such a great job growing her shop! Check it out—soooooo many good strategies were dropped in that one!


Podcast Episode 15: How to Prepare for you Etsy Shop Launch (COACHING SESSION with JULIA)


3) Conscious Consumerism and Sustainability

As shoppers become more informed about how products are made, who made them, what they were sourced from, and what the supply chain involves--- a whole new very robust (and growing) market has formed.


In 2022, we will see continued support for businesses run by ethnically diverse entrepreneurs AND for companies finding ways to be more labor and environmentally friendly.


We are caring more as a community about the environmental impact of our purchases and are more prepared than ever to pay a premium to support businesses who care as much as we do.


There are also 3 linked sub-trends here that will influence conscious consumerism and sustainability--- 1) “Finpowerment” which is people becoming more passionate about money management and investing as our workforce takes on a whole new form--- and 2) The influence of “Lagom”—a Swedish philosophy that emphasizes the concept of “not too much, not too little.” And also 3) The “buy nothing movement” which evolved from supply chain issues but has become a powerful effort to upcycle, trade items, and share what is on-hand in our homes with the community around us.


What you’ll see as a result of these mini-trends is shoppers trending towards more meaningful purchases. They’ll upcycle or choose sustainable items when they can and generally make more thoughtful buying decisions--- looking for that just-right item.


4) Self-Care as a necessity (as opposed to a treat)

After the stress and mental health strain of the past two years, the emphasis on self-care has made a notable shift. It started as an urge to busy women especially to make sure they were treating themselves and paying attention to their needs in the midst of taking care of all the other people and tasks in their lives. But now, the message is a more urgent--- “this is critical for survival” battle cry.


We’ll see this affecting the marketplace at an even greater rate in pampering products, body care, skin care, candles. But we’ll also see more CBD products, wellness products like yoga mats, and other items to help facilitate a balanced approach to self-care.


5) Home space refreshes

As a perfect segue from self-care--- we will continue to see the trend of home improvement driving a ton of consumer purchases. In fact--- one of the newer trends within home space is the development of “escape rooms.” And no—I don’t mean where people are setting up their own murder mysteries in their homes (I’ll bet that idea would sell, though!). They’re creating super peaceful spaces where they can go to “escape” from the world and enjoy some quiet time and rejuvenation.


So maybe that will inspire some ideas! There will be great opportunity in providing meaningful pieces to create special spaces.


I personally saw SUCH a boom for our handmade wood signs in 2020 as people were looking for inspiring messages for their spaces during quarantine! It cooled off in 2021—but the home décor space in general continues to be a great space to be!


6) Pets

Sooooooo many people became pet owners in 2020-2021 and now they are looking for ways to enhance their pets’ lives and experiences!


A big trend is actually “animal first architecture” where people are making special modifications to their HOMES specifically for their pets. I just love it! LOL! Get this—the search term “luxury dog room” is currently up more than 115% on Pinterest!


In lots of different and creative ways, you can expect pet supplies to dominate in the marketplace.


7) Color and Joy

We’re going to see LOTS of color in 2022! People are gravitating towards bright, bold colors for their homes, their clothes, and more! There’s a new fashion trend on the rise called “dopamine dressing” where super vibrant outfits that can’t help but make you smile are being shopped and searched more and more.


So keep that in mind. The neutrals, earthy tones, and more natural materials may be taking a bit of a back seat to bold and bright statement pieces this year.


So with that—let’s take a closer look at what specifically will be trending on Etsy as a handmade and vintage marketplace.

To give us a little bit of context---

In 2021, trends were largely influenced by nature. There was an emphasis on creating more connection, more meaning. We saw a return to hosting others and hospitality.

So many people remodeled or refreshed their homes and were searching for personalized touches.  

The phrases “Personalized gift,” “wall decor,” and “gift” were the top-searched terms on Etsy in 2021 followed by “Mother’s Day gift” and “Father’s Day gift.”

So---I want to begin this next segment with an excerpt from Etsy’s blog post: Marketplace Insights: Early 2022 Trends

It reads:

“After another unusual year, shoppers want to start 2022 right, and with intention—be it via an organizing task, starting a new hobby, or paying more attention to self-care. Many people are looking to establish new routines based on shifting priorities, and they’re seeking the items that bring them calm, purpose, and delight. When we asked Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson to describe her prediction for the new year, she said, “2022 will be about finding balance in all aspects of our lives,” pointing to the Swedish philosophy of ‘Lagom,’ which loosely translates to “not too much, not too little.” “Shoppers are expected to strive for something in that sweet spot, something just right,” Dayna says. “From how we spend our time to the purchases we make.”

Help shoppers out with well-crafted or carefully-curated items that make meaningful gifts or provide a reason to pause—with a personalized planner, aromatic candle, nostalgic ‘90s style, or soothing home decor, for example. Many shoppers are thinking about updating their basics and necessities, being more thoughtful about their purchases, and renewing a sense of optimism into their everyday lives.”

There was just no better way to summarize that! It was so so good and insightful!

With that being said, let’s dive into the major trends we can expect to see on Etsy this year! (And once I again—I have the sources for these linked in our shownotes today in case you love the details and want to dig in more!)


1) EMERALD GREEN has been declared the color of the year!

And it’s sounding like this isn’t just limited to Etsy.

Searches for “emerald green items” are up 64% and “emerald green décor” is up 60% already!


We’re also seeing pastels trend! And it’s not even Easter… Etsy has seen searches for “pastel room décor” go up a whopping 2,627%.


2) Home and Living with an emphasis on “Statement Lighting”


This is a really good one to pay attention to if you are trying to decide what to sell in your Etsy shop!


One of the biggest trends in home décor on Etsy this year is already proving to be light fixtures that represent our personal style.


Etsy has seen a 344% increase in searches for 70s lighting.

A 27% increase in searches for sculptural or decorative lighting.

A 25% increase in searches for vintage lighting.

And a 22% increase in searches for colorful lighting.


You know what’s so interesting as someone who’s made a full time selling wood signs on Etsy for the past 6 years--- is we started seeing a major trend shift to neon signs the past 18 months! So now it’s all making more sense! Haha!


3) Weddings: Colorful Celebrations

We talked earlier in the general trends segment about how 2022 will be a year of JOY and vibrant colors are taking stage in lots of different forms. So we’ll see this influence the wedding niche in a major way!


Etsy has already seen a 223% increase in searches for “colorful wedding items” – wow! I definitely suggest you jump on that bandwagon if you’re in the wedding industry!


4) Style: Punk Rock Revival

Man--- queue more 90s throwbacks! We’re seeing millennials and Gen Zers put their own spin on the Pop-punk movement which is fueled by self-expression and autonomy. So yeah, that sounds about right!


Get this—I  can’t get over it! Etsy has seen searches for “spiked collars” go up 879%!!! Just stop it!!! I’m reliving junior high over here and I’m feeling a little triggered! LOLLLL!


Then we see “vintage plaid items” up 48% in searches.

“Fishnet items” are up 37%.

“Studded belts” are up 34%.

“Velvet chokers” is up 365% in searches.

And silver jewelry is making a comeback—it’s up 14%.


So—if you are in fashion or vintage--- this should definitely influence your products this year if you want to ride the trend.


5) Kids: Dragons and Mythological Creatures

…Are taking the forefront this year. One theory for this (other than the fact that it’s dreamy and different, and make-believe is fun!) is that these types of items can be very gender neutral and our culture is into having that option. Take a note from that if you sell anything for kids and want to participate in the trend--- everything from nurseries, toys, clothes--- think gender neutral—at least as an option that you offer.  


Etsy has seen an increase in searches for “fairy items” by 51%.

“Mythological creature” or “beast items” increased 39%.

“Dragon toys” increased 22%.


6) Organizational tools! (Thanks to The Home Edit)

This is definitely a trend at the beginning of each new year as people set goals to declutter their homes, get more organized, go more minimalist--- but we’ve seen this trend stay strong and even grow throughout the year since the beloved Instagram brand turned Netflix sensation “The Home Edit” captivated our hearts and pantries.


Etsy has seen searches for “storage organization” increase by 993% year over year. This trend is still hot for the taking!


7) Art Supplies and Tools

There are so many opportunities here as folks in the colder climes are tucking away for the winter with their favorite crafts--- and parents are searching for creative ways to entertain their kids away from dazzling screens.


As you may have seen on TikTok--- the art of tufting textiles has taken center stage as a trending craft!


Also—Etsy has seen the phrase “cardigan knitting pattern” increase 96%. The fiber arts are very alive and well! As a knitter and crocheter myself—I can attest to the fact that we crafters love to find creative and unusual (and super high quality) finds on Etsy to keep our hands busy! And we do not discriminate by season! LOL!


There are bunches more suggestions for the art supplies and tools category—so if this is your jam—I encourage you to review Etsy’s publication and they’ll go more specific for you!


And finally----


8) Paper and Party Supplies

There are bunches of sub-topics here! Some things to consider are--- of course our mythological creatures—especially dragons as we discussed earlier for parties.


The organization trend will pop in here, too, as people shop for journals, planners, and calendars to keep their busy lives in order. Anything you can create to help people simplify and organize would be a great place to focus.


Occasion gifting and greeting cards:

People LOVE to shop on Etsy for something custom and/or specific to an event. They come to Etsy instead of hallmark because they know they’ll get something extra special and personalized for their loved one.


Men in particular search for birthday cards on Etsy. And there has been a 21,166 YoY increase in searches for “teacher greeting card.” JUST WOW!


In this space we are seeing retro and vintage influences, of course! So keep that in mind. And geometric patterns are continuing into this year--- checkers being a big one! Only think PASTEL!


And finally---- tropical prints are beloved right now. Especially with their nod to emerald green.



So there you have it. That’s the list!

And there’s actually so much more, you guys. I just didn’t want to drone on for an hour lollll--- so I pulled out the most notable trends for you here.

Feel free to study on! It’s a really exciting time and I think there are mountains of possibilities for you—whether you want to start your first Etsy shop, grow the one you’ve got, or pivot to something new. Just pay attention to the trends if you want to really grow and definitely if you want to make a full-time income!

I’m cheering for you! Visit my site for free resources and lots of help as you build your own Etsy side hustle or empire. I’m here to help!


Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see what this fresh new year holds for you!



We’re heading full force in 2022 and I want to help you get a head start on marketplace trends for the new year! Today we’re talking all about the Etsy trends we can expect to see in 2022. Can you incorporate any of these into your shop?

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