Podcast Episode 15: ETSY COACHING SESSION-- How to Prepare for Your Etsy Shop Launch

etsy podcast Nov 11, 2021
How to prepare for your Etsy shop launch

Hey my friend! Welcome to this week’s show!

I’m so excited to be back with you today—and I was wondering---- did you know I offer business coaching for Etsy sellers and all kinds of entrepreneurs and business owners? It’s one of my favorite things to connect with someone like you and help flesh out your vision, answer your questions, and point you towards tools and strategies that will get you closer to your goals.

Every single session is totally different—and for this episode I thought I would be so much fun to let you listen in on a coaching session I had recently with a lovely friend of mine who is launching an Etsy shop for handmade carved ornaments and small wood signs. Her products are darling and she offers several seasonal and personalized choices.

Julia and I used to work together back in my corporate days at USAA and we recently reconnected when she found out I could give her some pointers on launching an Etsy shop.

I was so excited to get to visit with her, answer her questions, and watch her confidence and excitement grow as we talked through how she can position and grow her shop.

I hope you feel inspired and encouraged by our session together --- I am 100% convinced you will glean all kinds of tips, insights and aha moments from this rich conversation! Let’s listen in!



Today you get to listen in to a coaching session with my friend Julia who is getting ready to launch an Etsy shop selling wood carved gifts and ornaments! Find out what it’s like to have me as a coach and gain lots of insights to common questions that beginners ask!

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I want to create an Etsy shop for my product but I’m nervous! Where should I start?  3:09

Selling local and via my own website vs selling on Etsy   7:05  

Should I expect my products to all sell out super fast? 7:40

How important is my photography? Is it ok to launch without awesome pictures? 10:05

What about inventory? Is it OK to make each product to order? What does my turn-around time need to be? 14:06

How should I price my products? 18:48

How does shipping work? It seems so expensive!  24:40

How should I brand my shop and products? 33:33

Where should I promote my products outside of Etsy? 35:30

More on photography—does each mock-up base picture need to be different? 40:10



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