Podcast Episode 12: How to Find Success Selling on Etsy (Interview with Penn State SBDC—Elizabeth Hay)

etsy podcast Oct 21, 2021
How to Find Success Selling on Etsy

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by the lovely Elizabeth Hay of Penn State SBDC (which stands for small business development center). We had a little Etsy pow wow so I could answer strategic questions to help her clients who are new to navigating their own Etsy shop. It was loads of fun and is packed with so much value--- I couldn’t wait to share it with you too! I hope you learn A TON!

Before we get into the goods---- I have to tell you how awesome the Penn State SBDC is! It is an extension of the university that helps people with free confidential consulting as they strike out to start their own small business—(WHO KNEW THIS EXISTED?!) It’s an absolutely WONDERFUL program! While Elizabeth’s team can only work with people in the state of Pennsylvania, there are other SBDCs local to you and I encourage you to reach out for support if you need it as you launch out in business for yourself. And you’re welcome to follow their Facebook page which I’ll put in the shownotes to see their power-packed weekly free training sessions.

Let’s get into it!

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Today’s episode is taken from an interview I recently participated in with Elizabeth Hay of the Penn State SBDC. We had a very in depth conversation about getting started on Etsy and how creative entrepreneurs can build a successful shop.

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