Podcast Episode 16: Reminiscing: What we learned from the 5 absolute WORST days we ever had in our Etsy shop

etsy podcast Nov 18, 2021
What we learned from the 5 absolute WORST days we ever had in our Etsy shop

Welcome back to the show today, everyone! I have a special guest on the show today--- my husband Chris is joining us! Say hi Hubby!

Chris does all of the sign construction and boxing for our Etsy shop and I’m extremely grateful for him. 😊 We thought it would be fun and interesting for you guys today if we did a little reminiscing down memory lane--- and tell you the stories of our very worst days in our Etsy shop and what we learned from each of them. Lollll! Maybe it will help you either avoid some of the same mistakes or having an easier time trouble shooting when stuff comes up. But we’re excited to share with you.


Story 1: A 5 star review turned 1 star review turned 5 star review  3:15 

This customer feedback influenced how we built and painted one of our commonly purchased pieces.    


Story 2: That month when the equipment kept failing on us.  11:04

We learned you get what you pay for and started to budget for higher quality equipment. The better stuff was such a dream! It made our work faster and easier--- and gave us a better product to sell.


Story 3: That time when the same sign broke in the mail TWICE   18:10

We learned to start taking only the projects we really wanted to take. This was the beginning of us saying no a lot more to custom pieces.


Story 4: One Christmas season, we have 5 missing packages right before Christmas.    23:30

We learned to ship out our holiday packages with tons of time before Christmas or have clear communication with the customer where they understood the expected turn around time.

We also learned to get our packages scanned by USPS come hell or high water. LOL!           

Story 5: We shipped two very large signs with the wrong color frames on them. YIKES! This one was expensive!    28:33

We learned to double check the frames before shipping--- and also that even a big mistake can be turned around for something good.


This is Goose! 


Today we’re telling stories from the 5 worst days in our Etsy shop and what we learned from them. This episode was so much fun to record together!

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