4 ways to get your Etsy listings seen by more customers TODAY

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4 ways to get your Etsy listings seen by more customers TODAY

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Are you a new Etsy shop owner trying to figure out how on earth to get your products seen by potential customers?? Is your Etsy shop going through a slow spell? I’ve got some ideas that can help you get your listings seen by more customers literally TODAY.

I can vividly remember my first few months on Etsy. I had my products ready to go, took some photos around my house, published my listings, and braced myself for my whole life to change. This was it! I was finally turning my hobby into my side hustle.

And then…. Crickets.

No sales. No potential customers clicking the little favorite heart on my products. Not even some listing views.

I would check my computer or my phone constantly--- eagerly anticipating that first sale.

What I didn’t understand back then is that I would need to “prime the pump” to start getting some traction in my shop. There were some simple steps I could take to get my Etsy listings seen by more customers right away.

So don’t fret! There’s no need for you to learn the hard way. I’m here to help you figure all this stuff out and have success much faster than I did.

Let’s get started. Here are 4 ways to get your Etsy listings seen by more customers TODAY:

 1) Renew your listings

When you visit your Sell on Etsy Dashboard and go to your listings page, you can renew your listings, which essentially makes them “new” again. When a potential buyer uses search terms that match your listing, your products will show up higher in the feed than they did before you renewed them. This means that a buyer is more likely to see and purchase your items!


















And the great news? More visibility for one listing can increase the visibility of your whole shop!


*PRO-TIP: When I’m trying to create more business or promote a particular product, I will sometimes renew a listing daily or even twice per day! Twenty cents is a pretty low price to pay (depending on the price of your products), especially compared to bumping up your ad spend.


 2) Create more listings

One of the ways that I really got traction in my Etsy shop was to add more listings. There are two different ways you can do this:

  1. You can create more products to sell
  2. You can create more listings for the products you have

-Create a new listing with a totally different Primary photo to draw the attention of potential buyers who prefer a different style or appearance from your initial listing

Here are few examples from my shop! I have multiple listings for the same product with different Primary Photos displaying the item.



 -Create a duplicate listing of an existing product with a different title and tags to leverage a different set of search terms



3) Turn on (or bump up) Etsy Ads

 You can find the Etsy Ads page by visiting your Shop Manager Dashboard. Click "Marketing" on the left side menu and you'll find "Etsy Ads" in the submenu. 

If you’re just starting out with advertising, you’ll want to start with a low and conservative daily budget! Etsy has some good safeguards in place to prevent you from overspending—which is super helpful! It will give you a lower maximum daily ad spend when you first start out and that number will increase with time.


I have found Etsy Ads to be an EXTREMELY powerful tool to boost my visibility and sales. There’s not a hard and fast dollar rule since all shops and products are different, but I’d recommend keeping your ad spend at around 20% (or less) of your gross revenue. (Gross revenue is the total amount of money you make before expenses.)


The key to Etsy Ads working for you is to have outstanding key words on your listing and attractive photos that will grab a potential customer’s attention. If you'd like some training on this subject, my course "Listings that Sell" would be a great resource for you! You can learn about it here: 


*PRO TIP—The most important place to have strong keywords that customers are searching for is in your product title. The second most important place is in your tags. And the third most important place is throughout your product description.  For a detailed guide on where to find these fields on your listing, check out this article: Etsy Listings 101: The Anatomy of a Listing


So if views or sales are a bit low, consider trying Etsy ads for the first time starting at a few dollars a day, or test out bumping up your ad budget a bit.


4) Post them on social media

Want to get some additional “off-Etsy” eyeballs on your listings? Post a few to social media using your individual Etsy listing link.

(You can find a product link by visiting your Shop Manager Dashboard. Click "Listings" on the left side menu and all of your listings will populate on the main page. If you click the little gear icon at the bottom right corner of a listing, a submenu will appear. Click "Share" on that menu and a new box will pop up with social media links and field where you can copy the product link.) 

 Pinterest is exceptionally handy for circulating your products to new and interested customers-- and in my opinion it takes the least amount of work! But of course, there are ways to get creative on all the different platforms

  1. Pinterest 
  2. Instagram
  3. TikTok
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter


So there you have it! If business is feeling slow or not enough people are seeing your product listings, give one or all of these suggestions a try. Your Etsy listings should start getting seen by more customers TODAY!

Good luck, friend! YOU GOT THIS!


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