✨This training is VERY beginner friendly-- so don't be intimidated! There will be supporting video resources to help you better understand the A.I. Programs!✨


 Immediate Access to the Recording of the 90 minute Workshop. (Until 6/1/24)


⭐ Supporting videos to help you get started with A.I. plus other questions that come up during the workshop.


🔥 We will cover:

-How to prompt and effectively use Midjourney, Dall-e, and Ideogram to create jaw-dropping POD designs

(*Ideogram gives you 25 prompts per day FREE! There are ways to do this that won't require you to purchase a bunch of AI program memberships 😊) 


-How to scale up their size by creating editable SVGs from the images so the quality is POD worthy


-How to make basic edits to the designs to fix common errors created by AI




⭐ Additional video tutorials will be provided including:

➡️ How to setup a Midjourney account

➡️ How to set up your own private server on Midjourney

➡️ Midjourney 101 overview for how to create your own mockups for your POD images

➡️ Dall-e 3 overview

➡️ Ideogram overview

➡️ How to generate listing descriptions and other product ideas in ChatGPT


⭐ A PDF with 20 Midjourney Prompts for mockups that you can use to sell your products with the perfect feel and mood


⭐A PDF of the best prompts I've discovered for POD designs on Midjourney, Dalle-3, and Ideogram 


🔥 After this workshop-- you will be able to create Print on Demand designs like these to to sell in your Etsy shop, other marketplace, or personal website:



⚠️How to sell on Etsy

⚠️ How to setup an Etsy shop or structure a listing

⚠️ How to determine what products are in demand to design for

⚠️ How to write effective SEO


🟢BUT-- if these are things you'd like to learn, I cover them-- and way more-- in great detail in my flagship program: Listings that Sell 2.0 and it's currently 50% OFF plus you get the Digital Product A.I. Workshop as a FREE bonus. You can add this on at checkout if you'd like to learn how to sell on Etsy PLUS a detailed workshop on how to make your own AI mockups to use or sell! ($890 value for just $297)




💡 This is SUCH an exciting time and I believe from my experience (and that of others) that the potential is profound as we harness the power of AI on Etsy! I'm THRILLED to share what I've been seeing and testing! That being said, AI is still very new to the marketplace and much of the legal precedent is only now being set. We don't know what will or will not be legal in the near or distant future. Any time there is great opportunity, there is also great risk.🚀


💡 Please read the terms and conditions of this workshop carefully at checkout. We take no responsibility for your experience applying this information-- Lizzie is only sharing her, so far, very successful experience in selling A.I. products in her shops.

💡 Given the nature of this content, there will be NO REFUNDS. 

My goal is to WOW you and give you amazing insight into a cutting edge, exciting business opportunity! If you're unsure, please email me at [email protected] to make sure that it's right for you and will give you the value you expect. I intend to share every secret I've learned, but appreciate that everyone is on a different level of AI experience. 






This is one of those ultra special moments where you have a chance to jump on a trending opportunity just before it goes gang-busters.


🔥 Like the people who jumped on TikTok in 2016.


🔥 Or the ones who harnessed Print on Demand in 2015 when Printify came on the scene.


🔥 Or those first brilliant entrepreneurs to figure out the magic of creating templates in Canva to sell on Etsy for a passive income stream!


Now it's your turn with AI Print on Demand designs on Etsy--- and beyond!


💡💡Learn what a few genius top sellers have been using to 10X their results the past year.💡💡


This corner of the market will explode SO SOON. You don't want to wait on this. Master it now so you can be at the top long before saturation creeps in. 


I'm SO excited to geek out with you and show you everything I've learned and implemented! 


Grab your seat to the workshop and everything that comes with it.🎉

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