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Add my Etsy SEO Workshop for only $47? Learn why SEO research is so important and discover the exact SEO research strategy I used to build a multiple 6-figure Etsy shop. 

How to Self-Audit Your Etsy Shop

Are you ready to learn this critical skill for success?? I'm all suited up and ready to be your Etsy Self-Audit Sherpa!!

This digital guide and mini-video training will walk you step by step through a self-audit process of your Etsy shop.

Within the guide you'll find 17 pages of instructions, checklists and worksheets galore to hold your hand (and capture critical data) as you begin to understand the current status of your shop and the best next action steps to arrive at your goals. 

I recommend starting with the training video so you can see how I would conduct an audit for you. It will help you find everything you need with confidence and ease. 

After that, you will begin by following my checklist inside the PDF download to make sure you have all the critical components of your Etsy Shop in place. I'll provide strategic suggestions to help you make the very best first impression possible with shopper.

Next, we will dive deep into your niche and discover the listings and shops that are the biggest players-- so you can identify for your shop what's going well, what to improve, and how you can grow.

It's so important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your shop in order to set realistic goals and properly assess how you rank against your competition.



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