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Intensive Etsy Shop Review

Do you need some expert eyes on your Etsy shop as you prepare to launch, grow, or troubleshoot? 👀 

Then you are 💯 in the right place! 

✨This is the most personalized and comprehensive service I offer!

When you purchase this Etsy Shop Review service, you will receive a highly detailed, multi-page PDF report within 7-10 business days of purchase. It will tell you what's working, what needs improvement, and how to get better results. I will DEEP DIVE into your niche, your listings, AND your competition to give you all the insights you need to take your business to the next level. 

You can expect personalized feedback including: 

  • First Impressions: An overview of the state of your shop and a full shop audit of your storefront, branding, and shop setup.
  • General Feedback on your Listings: An overall review of your titles, tags, descriptions, photos, and other observations.
  • Deep Dive Feedback on 2 Listings: A detailed review of all the components of two of your listings with suggestions for improvement (or a detailed explanation of why it’s working well).
  • A list of top competitor shops and listings to study for further insight into your niche and how to compete within it.
  • A list of your top action items to implement first for growth.
  • A summarized overview of what's going well AND what to improve.
  • Answers to your questions. (You'll receive a survey when you submit your order to send me any specific questions you have about your shop) 
  • 14 days of email follow up access to me if you have further questions or need support.
  • BONUS--- Quick video tutorial of how I use Sale Samurai and Everbee to find SEO insights that give me an edge on the market 

Add on the Etsy SEO Workshop at checkout to learn my personal SEO strategy that has earned me hundreds of thousands of dollars on Etsy. It will show you exactly how to use the top competitor info-- and better yet-- how to find it and use it yourself going forward.


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What People Are Saying:

Wow! Such a wealth of info here!! I love it all. I can’t wait to get moving on all of this! I absolutely LOVE the overview. You motivated me so much when I read your overview. I could tell that you really took the time to completely understand my challenges and tactfully summed it up well. You point out some of my shop’s weaknesses, but you do it kindly and in a very motivating way. You gave me so many great ideas and I was very inspired and motivated after reading them all. Your help was beyond fantastic! Thank you!

Sarah G.